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About the course

All organizations exist to create value for those who receive their products and services. Leaders, who effectively promote innovation, are able to consistently deliver new value to customers or deliver similar value with fewer resources. This program is designed to help leaders accelerate the pace of innovation within their organizations. Accelerating innovation requires leaders to identify valuable opportunities or potential problems, carefully frame and formulate these problems and opportunities, derive workable solutions to them, select the most viable course of action, and cultivate an environment in which their ideas can take root and flourish. The course will offer tools and techniques to accomplish these goals.


  • Key aspects of the innovation process
  • Establish a framework for problem analysis
  • The importance of creativity
  • Utilizing networking to promote ideas within your organization


  • Develop an understanding of the innovation process and its components
  • Become familiar with and practice techniques for the finding and framing of problems and opportunities
  • Learn how to derive and evaluate creative solutions

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Markus Baer

Area of Expertise: Critical Thinking, Motivation, Innovation and Growth, Organizational Behavior, Team Development, Critical Thinking, Innovation and Growth, Motivation Research Interests: The determinants of the various activities (i.e., problem formulation, idea generation, solution im...


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