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Leading Effective Meetings

Leading Effective Meetings with Nancy Drew
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Learn how to avoid the meeting that drones on and on; that people disengage and stare at their smartphones; that Doug from Accounting highjacks or where the common consensus is “What am I doing here?”

According to a survey of US professionals by, meetings ranked as the number one office productivity killer.

This session will show you how to run effective, efficient meetings that leave employees feeling energized and excited about their work.


  • The results from rapid experimentation with meetings over the past decade by startups and Fortune 500 companies that has produced universal success
  • The setup, preparation and structure for different types of meetings including:
    • Assemblies
    • Team meetings
    • Post-game wrap up
    • Monthly Operating Reviews
    • Town Hall Meetings
    • Small Group Meetings
    • One on one meetings / coaching
  • How to overcome the greatest single barrier to a successful meeting
  • Strategies to set a clear and defined purpose for your meeting including specific desired outcomes
  • The best time for your meeting… (it’s most likely not the time you are currently holding it)
  • The ideal number of people for working meetings
  • The positive impact of preparing key attendees the day before
  • How to prepare the meeting room
  • An impactful productivity enhancer to assess if this is a meeting or email, and who needs to attend?
  • The important rule for reference documents
  • To create a compelling structured agenda that allows for discussion and keeps the meeting on track.
  • How to be an effective leader by helping attendees ingest reams of confidential information and contribute without being overwhelmed
  • The logical order of questions for group discussions
  • When to host pre-meetings
  • Techniques to create dynamic teams that have a collective identify for maximum input and problem solving
  • How to keep meetings focused and effectively handle those who monopolize discussion time
  • Ground rules that create a professional and courteous framework
  • How to prepare yourself to challenge and be challenged
  • Techniques to debrief discussions that help others recognize gained insight, solutions and results
  • Follow up strategies to ensure people come away with the same interpretation of what went on
  • The success from Apple’s meetings to increase accountability by assigning a DRI - Directly Responsible Individual
  • How to close by providing a sense of accomplishment in any meeting
  • What to include on meeting minutes?
  • Public rewards of hard work
  • Establish a reputation for hosting meetings your colleagues will make every effort to attend


Nancy Drew is a dynamic business speaker with over 15 years high level business expertise who is recognized on an internationally working in the United States, Canada and Europe. Nancy started her career as an entry level sales representative for a Fortune 100. She gained significant attention b...
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