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About the course

By 2030, 50% of the major companies that we know today will have disappeared. If they want to survive, all organizations throughout the world have to ask themselves a fundamental question - how can they acquire the agility of a start-up in structures with hundreds or even thousands of employees? The answer to this question is to create and develop a new form of company.


The program will enable you to:

Learn from the best practices and failures in digital transformation of a variety of companies

Acquire insights into the process of digital transformation (How to organize your company for innovation? How to deal with disruption?)

Develop a global vision of digital transformation that cuts across business functions and addresses the integrated role of technologies, people, and usage behaviors

Experiment with new technologies and online platforms to gain hands-on experience of the challenges and opportunities that are generated by the adoption of digital tools


Consists of two 5-day sessions


Understand the strategies digital players leverage to disrupt traditional value chains, acquire an overview of what makes the companies of tomorrow so specific compared with those of today...


Focus on the transformation itself and how to lead it effectively, have a far better understanding on what is going on.

The primary aim of the Major is to help you ask yourself the right questions rather than providing ready-made answers.

Who should attend

  • Executives wishing to take a leading role in the digital transformation processes of traditional businesses
  • Managers working in all business functions. It is less appropriate for participants seeking to acquire in-depth knowledge on digital start-ups

Trust the experts

Albert Meige

Albert Meige has been an entrepreneur since his teenage years, when he began by selling magic! He now is the founder and CEO of Presans, a worldwide digital platform of experts. He also is the Director of the HEC executive program “Leading the Digital Transformation.” He is an expert for the Harv...


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