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About the course

Public and private sector organizations alike must be adaptive and able to evolve nimbly to meet changing demands; however, the ability to lead an organization though culture transformation is a complex leadership skill. Leading Cultural Transformation is a course designed for leaders who seek to transform their organizational culture through an intentional, masterful approach to a sustained evolution.

Learning Objectives

  • Differentiate between culture and climate
  • Assess the current and ideal states of culture for your organization and organization’s readiness to more towards the ideal state
  • Diagnose cultural challenges, including individual or organizational performance–limiting factors
  • Determine where you have the most leverage to facilitate change
  • Create a plan for leading leaders and other cultural change champions in a cultural change effort
  • Understand the role of trust in cultural transformation
  • Understand how to create alignment within the various organizational systems
  • Communicate strategically about culture and transformation

Course Topics

Introduction to Organizational Culture

  • What is Organizational Culture?
  • Three Levels of Culture
  • Foundational Cultural Change Concepts
  • The Management Concepts CHANGE Model

Clarify the Need

  • Describing Your Organization's Culture
  • Assessing Organizational Culture
  • The Need for Cultural Change
  • Creating a Sense of Urgency

Harness a Team

  • Engaging the Right People for Your Team
  • The Role of Trust in Teams
  • Establishing Common Goals in a Change Management Team
  • Developing a Plan for Assembling a Supportive Change Management Team

Articulate the Vision

  • Characteristics of Effective Change Visions
  • Creating an Effective Joint Vision
  • Role of Storytelling in Communicating a Compelling Vision
  • Communicating Your Change Vision

Nail Down the Strategy

  • Identifying Key Behaviors for Supporting Cultural Change
  • The Value of Capturing Emotions
  • Strategies for Removing Barriers to Cultural Change
  • Developing the Strategy for Creating Cultural Change at Your Organization

Get and Keep Things Moving

  • The Value of Quick Wins in the Change Process
  • Approaches for Sharing Success
  • Sustaining Change at Your Organization
  • The Role Resistance Plays in Blocking Cultural Transformation
  • Getting and Keeping Things Moving Toward Change at Your Organization

Evaluate Progress

  • Methods for Measuring and Evaluating Change Efforts
  • Monitoring Change Efforts
  • Evaluating Change Progress at Your Organization

CHANGE Capstone

  • Applying CHANGE: Project Hugo Case Study
  • Peer Coaching for CHANGE

Who should attend

This course is intended for leaders who are faced with the task of formulating and implementing a culture transformation in their organization.

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