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Leading Creativity

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About the course

Innovation drives thriving companies in today’s economy. The seminar teaches you practical skills and techniques that make you better able to develop novel ideas that can create significant value for your organization. You’ll learn the eight steps behind every successful idea and engage in hands-on activities for each of these steps. You’ll also learn how to identify common blocks to creativity as well as specific methods to overcome them effectively. Ideal for midlevel and senior executives.


  • How to effectively apply creativity to the everyday needs of your job
  • The eight steps behind every successful new idea
  • Psychologists’ findings on creative minds
  • Planning for impact


  • Generate more ideas and better ideas
  • Apply scientifically grounded techniques to everyday creative problems
  • Identify new opportunities and to formulate problems in novel ways

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Markus Baer

Area of Expertise: Critical Thinking, Motivation, Innovation and Growth, Organizational Behavior, Team Development, Critical Thinking, Innovation and Growth, Motivation Research Interests: The determinants of the various activities (i.e., problem formulation, idea generation, solution im...


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