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Today, more than ever, change is a constant. Advances in technology, evolving business practices, and intense competition at the local, national and global levels mean that no organization can stand still for long. Whether your change focus is adopting a mindset of continuous improvement, or adapting to a ‘new normal’ in your business area, your organization will need to develop and evolve. Change is challenging, particularly from a people-perspective. While there are always a few individuals in a group or organization who will get excited about a new process, system, or strategy, the majority will be reluctant. The good news is there are great research-based tools and perspectives that can help you be more effective. In this course we will look at tools for analyzing and planning any initiative or project that involves introducing something new so that you can be more successful.


  • What change is and why it is difficult
  • The role of organizational culture
  • Gauging the impact of change (force field analysis)
  • The eight-step change model
  • Change leadership

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