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Leading Change – Ideas to Execution

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Gain Competitive Advantage to Solve Today's Complex Business Challenges

Experience year-long change efforts in just one day to help you lead change in your organisation.

Immerse yourself in a hands on role-play environment to take a 360 approach to implementing change.

In this computer-based simulation you, as participants, transform into change consultants to run a fictitious company. Your task is to transform the organisation by getting buy-in from key stakeholders as you seek to implement change initiatives.

Test different change scenarios and track success and failure while being challenged on your set beliefs by facilitators with deep, practical experience leading change, Professor Kevin Lowe and Dr Lester Levy

This interactive game based simulation lets you make business decisions without putting your organisation at risk. It simulates today’s workplace including time pressures, budget limitations as well as exposes why people resist change.

Topics covered

This course offers participants a high-energy team –based, applied learning experience in which you will:

  • Learn what it takes to successfully lead change
  • Work in teams to tackle realistic change initiatives
  • Understand change as a long term, multi-step process
  • Test new ideas, processes and technologies
  • Explore the time and resources necessary to achieve a given level of change
  • Measure success and failure in absolute terms and understand the proper sequence of change efforts
  • Take business risks, test your assumptions and experiment
  • Understand the impact of individual and group actions and how change affects everyone


You will be able to:

  • Initiate change at an individual level
  • Adapt to new ways of doing things
  • Gain experience by applying best practices in a no-risk environment
  • Collaborate with stakeholders in a changing environment
  • Better understand the human side of change

Your organisation will be able to:

  • Increase success rates in organisational change efforts
  • Prepare staff to deal with expected and unexpected changes
  • Build common processes around adopting change
  • Increase buy-in for future change efforts and build resilience
  • Mitigate risks of project interruptions
  • Drive change, innovation and agility to improve business prospects

Who should attend

  • Innovators and game changers interested in leading and implementing change
  • Executives wanting to better understand change resistance and how to overcome it
  • Leaders and managers who want to improve their ability to engage employees in change initiatives
  • Leaders and teams who thrive on collaboration - we encourage you to bring your work colleagues
  • HR professionals involved in change initiatives


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Detailed Description
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