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About the course

Learn how to fully unleash the potential of your organisation by innovating its business model. This interactive one day workshop will help develop your consulting skills and provide you with hands on feedback on the quality of your strategic plan.

Iconic companies including AirBnB, Amazon, Apple, Google, PayPal, Netflix and Tesla have pioneered innovative business models that are disrupting their relative markets.

The aim of this programme is to guide executives through a strategic analysis of their current business model in order to identify a focused selection of high potential opportunities that could boost their organisation’s performance.

Participants will engage with concepts and tools related to business model design, innovation, differentiation and diversification. Topics will also include digital business models, business model platforms, and disruptive business model. By the end of the programme, each participant will have identified a focused selection of high-potential opportunities to apply business model innovation to their company.


  • Understand the key drivers of competitive advantage via business model innovation and diversification
  • Learn how to define and classify every business model
  • Understand the strategic implications for firm growth and competition in standard and turbulent times
  • Master a structured process of strategic business model design and implementation
  • Understand how to reduce risk and maximise synergies across business model portfolios via diversification
  • Learn how to identify and overcome key challenges of business model innovation.

Morning sessions:

  • Introduction: An overview of the style and content of the day
  • Business model identification and classification: An exercise to correctly define the company’s business model and its strategic position in relation to competitors
  • Business model change: A creative exercise to identify a large set of options to innovate the business model.

Afternoon sessions:

  • Business model innovation: A structured group brainstorming to choose a limited selection of high-potential business model innovations
  • Business model diversification: A discussion on the mechanisms of complementarity and substitution that the new business models will have with the current ones. Engagement with business model portfolio optimisation
  • Business model implementation and monitoring: The creation of an essential strategic plan to execute the selected business model innovations.

Who should attend

The Leading Business Model Innovation programme is designed for professionals and subject matter specialists who want to apply their expertise to help organisations find solutions to business problems.

Among those one can include executives engaging with business strategy, consultants, business analysts, start-uppers and entrepreneurs.

Experienced consulting practitioners who wish to improve or refresh their knowledge are also welcome.

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Paolo Aversa

Paolo Aversa is Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Strategy at Cass Business School, visiting Professor at the University of Trento (Italy). He is also Fellow of the Center for Automotive and Mobility Innovation (CAMI) at University Ca' Foscari in Venice (Italy), and Research Fellow at the ...


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