Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence

Cyprus International Institute of Management

What are the topics?

Cyprus International Institute of Management


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Who should attend

  • CEO’s and Business Owners
  • Managers from all departments
  • Supervisors and Executives
  • Other specialists who lead, manage, supervise work-groups or teams

About the course

Leadership skills are, in many contexts—the workplace, classrooms, politics, volunteer organizations, and even within families—recognizable in those who lead: People who take initiative, who have a strong vision, and who can provide direction, strategize, plan, and accomplish goals to achieve their vision are generally considered good leaders.

But what about other kinds of skills that make up a good leader? Not just professional skills—you may be highly trained and proficient in your field—but skills that contribute to your ability to work well with others and to lead your team to success? That’s where emotional intelligence comes in, which we can define as “the ability to accurately perceive your own and others’ emotions; to understand the signals that emotions send about relationships; and to manage your own and others’ emotions successfully.”

Great leaders move us by tapping into a basic human characteristic—our emotions. Research has shown that exceptional leaders, executives, and managers are not just smart or lucky, but more frequently rely on their emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, motivate, and develop yourself and others. Most importantly, emotional intelligence competencies can be taught and learned.

In addition, leaders who demonstrate a keen understanding of their own emotions and can anticipate how others experience their leadership are better positioned to respond effectively to the demands of their environment. Outstanding leaders, executives and managers distinguish themselves by their ability to understand and manage themselves and to understand and work with others. It is a given that technical and functional expertise is the foundation for effective performance. But emotional intelligence (EI) competencies overwhelmingly distinguish outstanding leaders from average performers. Participants in this program will learn the concept of EI, its component competencies and how to use EI to stimulate outstanding performance and leadership. Finally, in business and in life, success often comes down to the ability to influence others. Influence is the most fundamental of the social intelligence competencies, along with empathy, which predict effectiveness in almost every managerial, leadership and professional job. The relationships they cultivate with others have powerful effects on the outcomes they achieve, whether they are promoting a new idea, motivating staff, selling a product or service, or negotiating the terms of a deal.

Programme Focus

  • Emotional intelligence, resonant leadership, and effectiveness as a leader
  • The key to sustainable leadership: Managing the cycle of sacrifice and renewal
  • Focusing on the Ideal: using vision, hope, purpose, and values as a constant source of inspiration for leaders
  • What is self-awareness and how does it relate to effective leadership?
  • How do leaders develop self-awareness?
  • What are the factors that inhibit leaders from becoming self-aware?
  • What practical steps can leaders take to develop self-awareness?
  • How does EI relate to outstanding leadership and managerial effectiveness?
  • What are the specific EI competencies?
  • A framework for developing EI competencies
  • How do I see myself?
  • How do others see me?
  • Understanding the full picture: Predicting success and failure
  • Recognize the importance and impact of self-awareness on leadership capability.
  • How empathy makes leaders more effective
  • The art and science behind influence – what is the secret?
  • Effective sales leadership: how it relates to EQ– is it just ‘selling’ or is there ‘something else’?

Benefits for you

  • Learn specific leadership methods
  • Develop your Emotional Intelligence
  • Increase your capabilities in the areas of self-awareness, emotional self-control, empathy and effective influence

Benefits for your organisation

  • Create better leaders within your organisation
  • Develop a culture of empathy and respect
  • Give and receive feedback for maximum organisational impact

Key Outcomes

  • Leverage leadership skills by developing a strategy for inspiring others
  • Recognize the importance and impact of self-awareness on leadership capability.
  • Discover the two components of self-awareness.
  • Understand what inhibits and enhances self-awareness by examining leader self-deception and leader caring.
  • Understand how outstanding leaders harness the power of positive emotions
  • Learn the EI Model and its competencies
  • Apply EI concepts to themselves and their workplaces
  • Identify strategies for enhancing their leadership and emotional intelligence
  • Learn how to lead others more positively towards outstanding performance
  • Learn and apply an approach to conscious decision making for choosing the thoughts that will lead to a more productive outcome
  • Recognize the importance and impact of all aspects of Resilience on leadership capability, as well as other arenas of life.
  • Discover the role emotions play in all human interactions
  • Realize how feelings engendered by emotions impact outcomes
  • Learn how to better influence people and outcomes – what some may call salesmanship
  • Learn better methods for motivating and training sales staff
  • Case studies, Role-playing & best practices will be used during the entire seminar


Yannis Pollalis

Mr. Yannis Pollalis, is a professor of Strategic Management & Policy in the Department of Economic Science at the University of Piraeus in Greece since 1999, and since 2004 is the founder and Director of the Graduate Program in Economic & Business Strategy. He has consulted, researched a...

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Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence at Cyprus International Institute of Management

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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