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Leadership Strategies to Build a Customer-Focused Team

May 30—31
2 days
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
USD 2345
USD 1172 per day
Jun 20—21
2 days
San Francisco, California, United States
USD 2345
USD 1172 per day
Jul 22—23
2 days
Chicago, Illinois, United States
USD 2345
USD 1172 per day
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To win the loyalty of your customers, first win the hearts of the people serving your customers. More than 70% of what makes a customer experience great is the behavior of frontline employees. If they are enthusiastic promoters of your organization, your customers are much more likely to be promoters too. It’s essential that employees feel like valued members of a winning team—and it takes the right leadership to inspire them to accomplish this.

Attend this course to learn the principles and practices needed to win the loyalty of employees and their customers. By implementing a series of strategic huddles, you will discover how to model, teach and reinforce empathy, responsibility and generosity.

How You Will Benefit

  • Learn how to build employee loyalty first, and then customer loyalty
  • Align the customer experience with customer expectations
  • Understand how to model, teach and reinforce the behaviors to earn loyalty
  • Adopt a deliberate, consistent process towards customer service
  • Execute strategies to discover your customers' underlying needs or goals

What You Will Cover

Leading Loyalty

  • Identifying and assessing the impact of three kinds of customers and employees
  • Following the Loyalty Huddle agenda
  • Teaching loyalty discussion guidelines
  • Explaining the Leading Loyalty Model for earning loyalty consistently
  • Assessing and improving upon personal application of loyalty principles and practice


  • Modeling, teaching and reinforcing the principles of empathy
  • Identifying and shifting apathetic thinking to empathic thinking

Making a Human Connection

  • Modeling, teaching and reinforcing the principles of making a human connection
  • Make a genuine human connection with everyone – customers and co-workers

Listening to Learn

  • Defining the impact of patient, attentive listening on customers and employees
  • Modeling and teaching the practice of listening to learn
  • Improving listening skills


  • Describing the connection between responsibility and ownership of the customer/employee issue
  • Identifying and helping shift indifference in themselves and others
  • Modeling and teaching the principle of responsibility

Discovering the Real Job to Be Done

  • Describing what it means to discover the real job to be done
  • Developing a discovery mindset around customer needs
  • Teaching and modeling how to discover the real job to be done

Following up to Strengthen the Relationship

  • Strengthening relationships with customers and employees through effective follow-up
  • Teaching and modeling the guidelines for following up
  • Conducting effective follow-up conversations


  • Identifying and overcoming scarcity thinking in themselves and others
  • Modeling and teaching the principle of generosity

Sharing Insights Openly

  • Recognizing the importance of sharing insights that help everyone learn and improve
  • Following a process for sharing insights that increases loyalty
  • Modeling and teaching others how to share insights openly

Who should attend

Leaders and managers who serve either external or internal customers and wish to increase customers' loyalty to the organization.


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Detailed Description
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