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Yale School of Management

Leadership Strategies in Print and Digital Media

Jul 21—26
6 days
New Haven, Connecticut, USA
USD 5850
USD 975 per day

How it works


The curriculum examines the challenges and opportunities of the ever-changing publishing landscape. You will learn from prominent industry leaders in this week-long intensive. Past speakers have included Richard Stolley (People and Time, Inc.), Dorothy Kalins (Dorothy Kalins Ink, LLC), Michael Clinton (Hearst Magazines), and Kevin McKean ( See session descriptions in the Print and Digital Media Curriculum tab.

From Previous Participants

“One of YPC’s unique aspects is that you are fully immersed for an entire week and you’re hearing not just about the current state of our industry but about the future. You’re hearing from some of the best and brightest people who are carving out what it means to be a modern magazine company, not just right now but five years from now.”

— Cindy Leive, Editor-in-Chief, Glamour

“The Yale Publishing Course brings together some of the most innovative and dynamic leaders from the magazine media world all in one place. The course provided a unique ‘look behind the curtain.’ I am definitely walking away with so much new knowledge that I plan to put into action at my company.”

— Michael Krans, Associate Publisher, Sales, Harper’s Bazaar

.“The Yale Publishing Course is an extraordinary opportunity to learn from, and converse with, the best minds in publishing today in the most beautiful, distinguished setting. Chatting over lunch and marveling over the detailed presentations, I feel like I’ve met my dream-team board of advisors.”

— Michelle Herrera Mulligan, Editor-in-Chief, Cosmopolitan for Latinas

An Immediate Return on Investment

  • Leadership toolkit to guide and develop inspired teams in tumultuous times
  • Innovation framework to drive growth in a global world
  • Implications of cultural change and transition for management, staff, and personal career development
  • Brand building through behavioral science-driven consumer understanding
  • Approaches to marketing in the digital age incorporating social media, podcasts, and data analytics
  • New thinking on new revenue sources
  • Connection to global network of professionals with shared intellect and passion

Who should attend

Leaders from large, medium, and small publishing companies and elsewhere in the industry, including:

  • CEO, President, Founder, CMO, CTO and COO
  • Editor, Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor
  • Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Advertising Manager, Publicity and Digital Strategy Manager / Director
  • Audience Development and Subscription Manager / Director
  • Journalist
  • Creative Director
  • Literary agents and publising consultants


Professor Wrzesniewski''s research interests focus on how people make meaning of their work in difficult contexts (e.g., stigmatized occupations, virtual work, absence of work), and the experience of work as a job, career, or calling. Her current research involves studying how employees shape the...
PROFESSOR BARON’S RESEARCH INTERESTS include human resources; organizational design and behavior; social stratification and inequality; work, labor markets, and careers; economic sociology; and entrepreneurial companies. Before coming to SOM in 2006, he taught at Stanford's Graduate School of Bus...
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