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Keys to Persuasion and Influence

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About the course

How would you like to persuade people who refused to be persuaded? How would you like to influence your boss and your customers in just seconds? How can you tell if others are telling the truth or lies? Research has shown persuasive executives get things done faster, sell more and get promoted faster. Use of persuasive techniques allow you to build instant rapport with people, pace and lead them, promote your products, sells your opinions and leave behind a good impression. You will learn how to lower your voice to be more authoritative, install anchors and deliver a more persuasive presentation.


Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Build instant rapport with strangers
  • Match, pace and lead others in selling both your products and opinions to people who are reluctant to listen to you
  • Model great persuasive writers and speakers
  • Write, speak and communicate like persuasive orators


Influencing and Persuasion

  • What is influence and persuasion?
  • Difference between circles of influence and concern
  • Why are people persuasive?

Rapport Technology

  • People like people who are like themselves
  • Matching and mismatching
  • Pacing and leading

Representational System

  • Submodalities
  • Discover your preferred system and how people think

Eye Patterns

  • Constructed and Remembered.
  • How do people tell lies?
  • Non verbal languages

Vocal Charisma

  • How voice is formed
  • Tone and delivery
  • Developing a persuasive voice
  • Vocal exercises to lower your voice


  • Modelling persuasive people
  • How to model
  • Use of metaphors


  • Using anchors for persuasive communication
  • Types of anchors
  • Method of anchoring

Persuasion Charisma

  • Words and structure
  • Use of numbers and graphs
  • Influential colours for dressing
  • Satir’s speaking positions

Instructional Methodology

  • Lecturettes, videos, vocal exercises, case studies, discussion and presentation.

Who should attend

Executives and managers who want to increase their persuasive power. Those who desires to acquire a persuasive personality to sell their products or services and leaves behind a good impression.

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