Schulich Executive Learning Centre

Key Account Management and Client Development

Available dates

Mar 16—18, 2020
3 days
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
CAD 3250 ≈USD 2457
CAD 1083 per day
Sep 14—16, 2020
3 days
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
CAD 3250 ≈USD 2457
CAD 1083 per day


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About the course

How do you defend against competitors and keep profitable customers?

Avoid being dropped as a supplier as your customer contact changes or they re-engineer their buying processes. Senior managers and key account management professionals face all of these issues every day and they threaten your profitability. Learn how to protect and grow your key accounts.

Key account management concepts are outlined in a pre-seminar package and refined in the classroom.

Key Takeaways

  • How to create solid account relationships that maximize annual revenue and account retention
  • Develop joint business growth strategies with your key accounts and strong strategic alliances
  • Systematically review your account progress and account strategies
  • Study advanced account development principles that can be applied to any industry
  • How to defend a key account against competitors
  • How to select major growth customers
  • Differentiate yourself by making your customers more profitable
  • Establish the bottom line reasons why your customers buy products and services
  • View your product business as a service-driven business
  • Strategies to target potentially lucrative markets
  • Concentrate your limited resources for the best returns
  • Add real value to your customer’s bottom line

Key Account Strategies

The following topics will receive special attention:

  • Targeting customers for key account management
  • Looking at the big picture to leverage joint strengths
  • Defining the competitive situation
  • Setting strategic goals
  • Selling customers on bottom line profit improvement
  • Developing joint profit targets
  • Focusing investment on the best returns
  • Monitoring progress and revising your key account action plans

A Complete Learning Approach

In addition to classroom sessions:

  • Real business situations are used
  • The key account management process is practised
  • New skills are perfected through group discussion
  • Participants interact with senior managers using these techniques


Strategic Overview and Benefits

  • Looking at customers as annuities
  • Key competitive benefits
  • Account principles
  • Crafting focused strategy
  • The wisdom of teams

Developing Key Account Strategies for Specific Clients

  • Segmenting the key account
  • Basics of long-term relationships
  • Adding value to customers
  • Areas of profit opportunity
  • Relationship purpose and guidelines
  • Differentiating yourself
  • How customers see you

Preparing Key Account Action Plans

  • Critical planning elements
  • Assessing positioning
  • Defining unique solutions
  • Setting strategic goals
  • Testing your goals
  • Revenue target management

Focusing on Sales Results

  • Screening opportunities
  • Investing in relationships
  • Recognizing poor investments
  • Getting your people onside
  • Prioritizing high-potential accounts
  • Actions required for higher sales results

Proven Field Experience: Key Account Case Study

  • A major company relationship analyzed
  • Applying concepts to your clients

Writing Client Strategy Plans

  • Defining best opportunities
  • Setting practical revenue targets
  • Formalizing the plan

Customer Development: Managing Progress

  • Conducting progress reviews
  • Revising the purpose
  • Reallocating resources
  • Tools to track progress
  • Developing an action plan for back at the office

Who should attend

This program has been designed for executives who wish to establish, solidify or enhance the loyalty of current and future customers, including:

  • Account managers at the local, regional, national and international levels
  • Client service managers
  • Sales managers and directors
  • Marketing and product managers
  • Business owners and business development directors
  • Vice-presidents and divisional managers

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