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Kaizen - Continuous Improvement for Sustainable Excellence

Available dates

Apr 20—21, 2020
2 days
SGD 1123 ≈USD 825
SGD 561 per day
Nov 16—17, 2020
2 days
SGD 1123 ≈USD 825
SGD 561 per day


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About the course


“Improve it even if it ain’t broke!” - It is easier to make small continuous improvements when things are going well, than to wait for a major breakdown and overhaul the processes and systems, which could mean much disruption or irreversible damage by then. Kaizen or the concept of continuous improvement, gets people to make gradual unending improvements, doing ‘little things’ better and achieving higher performance standards daily. Learn how to make your team feel valued and supported and in turn want to contribute towards productivity and creativity. You can also apply Kaizen concepts to achieve your personal goals whatever they might be.

Benefits to You


Kaizen is an important approach towards an organisation’s long term competitive strategy and sustainability. Participants will learn how simple, incremental changes can add up and make a significant positive impact on the team and organisation, resulting in increased productivity and profitability.


Understand leadership styles required for continuous improvement to flourish

Undertake a self-analysis to find out hidden qualities that you can offer

Learn how to delegate when team members may not have all the skills sets and attributes required for a task

Use the Power of 7, a robust methodology to stimulate creativity

Enhance your influencing skills to bring about change, innovation and improvement

Programme Outline

Creating an environment to develop a high performing team

The 12 ‘musts’ to achieve appropriate mindsets for change to happen

Building morale in your team and encouraging creative thinking and improvement

Thinking SMALL - Why it works

Tricking the brain from flight or fight mode

Reducing Muda – waste – in every aspect of your working life

Problem solving through root cause analysis

Delegation – using a unique instrument to uncover how best to use the range of different personalities and skill sets you might have in your team

Using continuous improvement for personal development

Overcoming resistance to change, the art of persuasion, and handling difficult people

Participant will take away the Kaizen Auditing Tool for immediate implementation and ongoing guidance.

Who should attend

  • (Level 3) New Managers
  • (Level 4) Managers

Trust the experts

Pat Wellington

Pat Wellington is an internationally-renowned management consultant and author. Her areas of expertise encompass the management of change, customer care, interpersonal communication and business development. Her particular expertise within change management is how Kaizen (continuous improvement) ...


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