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About the course

This two-day, hands-on, innovation course is designed for working professionals seeking improved abilities in design, prototyping, and innovation in teams. The major activity of the course will be teams of students creating and testing mechanical prototypes, and will include case studies, guest speakers, and an overview of design & entrepreneurial processes associated with great product development and engineering. Students will be challenged to create their individual version of the design process by building an understanding on how teams engage in creative activity and what guidelines they use.

The course is divided into three phases:

  • Phase 1 - prior to first on-site day
    • Students are provided with prep materials and exercises that will provide an introduction to the design process, facilitate team formation, and guide project selection & execution
  • Phase II – first on-site day
    • Low-resolution prototypes are created using simple materials and tools
  • Phase III – second on-site day
    • Higher-resolution prototypes are created using more advanced tools, machines, and equipment
  • Students receive required safety training prior to beginning work on machines/equipment

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Teams will be challenged to innovate: understand a problem, create ideas, develop partially functional prototypes, and develop a plan to reach a fully-functional, first-article prototype
  • Individual and critical thinking about the right design method for these types of activities
  • How to create and test mechanical prototypes using state-of-the-art technologies
  • Ability to conduct insight research to better understand a product's market

Benefits to you:

  • Two full days of on-site prototyping at Texas Inventionworks' first-class facilities
  • Develop unique problem-solving strategies and methods by learning what to build, how to build it, as well as how to test and improve upon it
  • Learn how to successfully negotiate tensions arising from differing viewpoints within a team
  • Network with, and receive project guidance from, subject-matter experts
  • Improve your hands-on skills

Who should attend

  • Working professionals seeking improved abilities in design, prototyping, and innovation in teams
  • Product designers, early-career engineers interested in product development, and mid-career engineers looking to move toward more innovation solutions and product development will especially benefit from this course

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