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Introduction to Organisation Design New

Oct 14, 2019
London, United Kingdom
GBP 590 ≈USD 722
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Get a great introduction to the process, models and thinking behind organisation design.


This course will take you through systems thinking and how it applies to your organisation, and how systems models underpin organisation design and support you in your practice. You will learn the difference between organisation design, organisation development, and change management, and where these different disciplines work together. Finally, you'll look at the different levels at which organisation design can take place, from whole-organisation level to individual team level, and the organisation structures that are often used. The phases of design work will then be explored, including transitioning to a new design and optimising it, alongside discussion on change as well as stakeholder management.

Learning outcomes:

  • understand the principles of organisational design and how to use these principles to redesign your own organisation
  • be aware of some of the models available for organisational design and how to use at least one organisational design model to describe and assess the organisations you lead
  • be able to describe the benefits of the two core approaches to organisational design – one bottom up vs. one top down methodologies
  • be aware of the tools and process to do this and be able to apply one or more of the tools to your own organisation
  • be able to foresee change challenges as experienced by those leading organisation design and change programmes
  • be on the path to identifying an effective and individualised approach to initiating organisation design and change.

Special Features

First-class tutors

Introduction to Organisation Design programme is written, developed and is delivered by one of the UK’s leading OD specialists.

Be inspired and enhance learning

Your learning will be enhanced through presentations and in-depth discussions, along with demonstrations of the skills and tools you’ll need.

Practical and applicable

For your learning to work, it has to be relevant to your workplace. Apply the learning to your own organisation to help it meet its aims and deliver on its strategy. That’s why our programmes focus on providing you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to apply your learning back at work.

Network with like-minded professionals from diverse backgrounds

This programme provides you with a unique opportunity to meet and share your experiences with like-minded professionals from a variety of organisations, helping you to develop ideas and solutions that you can use back at work.


By the end of this one day course, you'll be able to :

  • describe systems thinking and systems models and use them to benefit your organisation
  • define organisation design and it's relationship to organisation development and change management, ensuring the appropriate expertise and skills are used at each stage of the process
  • explain the different stages of the organisation design process and how to implement and manage them
  • describe different organisational structures, their uses and how they apply in your organisation
  • apply the learning to your own organisation to help it meet its aims and deliver on its strategy.


Introduction to Organisation Design will cover:

Session 1: definition of organisation design

Session 2: systems thinking

Session 3: systems models

Session 4: levels of intervention

Session 5: organisation structures

Session 6: phases of design

Who should attend

HR and non-HR but involved in OD (line managers and others) and interested in how you can support and contribute to OD activities


Dr Naomi Stanford is an organisation design practitioner, teacher, and author. She is the author of six books: Organization Design: The Practitioner’s Guide, Organization Design: Engaging with Change, Organization Design, the Collaborative Approach, The Economist Guide to Organisation Design, Co...

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Oct 14, 2019
London, United Kingdom
GBP 590 ≈USD 722
GBP 590 per day

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