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International Finance

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About the course

Develop your knowledge to kick off a career in international financial management

This certificate is an introduction to international financial concepts and multinational financial management practices.

Through this course you will discover the foundations of international finance, structure of international financial markets and gain an understanding of the financial management techniques used by multinational firms.


Emphasis is placed on corporate finance for international firms and topics included in the course are:

  • the economics underlying the determination of exchange rates,
  • the foreign exchange markets,
  • the tools that can be used to hedge exchange rate risks such as options, futures and swaps contracts.


  • MODULE 1 : Exchange rate regimes and introduction to the exchange markets
  • MODULE 2 : Factors influencing exchange rates
  • MODULE 3 : Exchange risk
  • MODULE 4 : Hedging exchange risk
  • MODULE 5 : Currency options and swaps

Who should attend

  • Students considering working in corporate finance
  • Professionals and executives looking into expanding their professional opportunities in international finance
  • Professional and executives who wish to broaden their skills

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