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The College of Business and Economics

Integrated Logistics and Transportation Management: Supply Chain Management

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Jun 6
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA
USD 1060
USD 1060 per day


Logistics is a core business practice that is responsible for the creation of value to the external customer and helps to integrate the other functions and processes of the firm. Effective transportation management is no longer a tactical approach to simply moving freight and doing it at the lowest possible cost, instead a more strategic approach is needed to use transportation and logistics as a competitive advantage tool, in the ever-challenging and rapidly changing economic and commercial landscape.

This program will help you better understand how to use logistics and transportation to provide value both internal to the firm and external to the firm. Topics related to internal value creation include Logistics and SCM, System Design Transportation Management and DC management. Topics related to external value creation include Global Supply Management, Logistics Service Providers, E-commerce and Future Trends. There will be plenty of discussion and idea sharing among the participants as well as hands on practice with business cases and real world problems.


  • Learn techniques for efficient transportation management control
  • Understand value creation for the customer through streamlined supply chain practices
  • Understand the extended supply chain and its correlations to competitive advantage in the organization’s supply chain
  • Understand supply chain management strategy

Who should attend

This program is designed for current and future company leaders, supply-side managers, buyers, logistical professionals, and professionals leading cross-functional teams.


Dr. Zach G. Zacharia is an Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management and Director of the Center for Supply Chain Research in the College of Business and Economics, Lehigh University where he teaches Graduate and Undergraduate courses in Supply Chain Operations Management and Logistics and Tr...
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