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Mar 27, 2020
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About the course

Driving the gender diversity agenda

Achieving gender balance is a top priority for most organisations today. The importance placed on this goal comes partly from the recognition that increased diversity can drive organisational performance, and partly from policy makers, activists and the general public urging organisations to boost women’s representation across all levels of their business.

While many organisations have good intentions, optimising gender balance is not straightforward. There are no silver bullets, nor are there off-the-shelf solutions that can be applied to all organisations regardless of context. What holds organisations back is a complex web of systemic, cultural, and structural issues that must be understood before they can be overcome. A carefully considered, bespoke response is invaluable for executives committed to enabling gender balance in their organisations.

The INSEAD Gender Diversity Programme provides the understanding, concepts and tools that will allow you to develop a strategic and practical plan to reach gender balance in your organisation. Based on cutting-edge research, the programme will support you in building a business case for change. It will enable you to diagnose the key blockers women face in your organisation and allow you to develop a suite of multi-level interventions that work.

How you benefit

  • Develop a customised business case for gender balance to drive momentum and commitment in your organisation
  • Understand the range of challenges women face in organisations, and accurately diagnose those most pertinent to your context
  • Design and execute a set of individual and organisational interventions - both behind-the-scenes and visible - that are tailored to your role and organisation

Content Overview

INSEAD Gender Diversity Programme is an online programme that requires you to work on multiple levels. Delivered over 5 weeks, the programme has three modules that together enable you to build an integrated plan for achieving gender balance in your organisation.

Building the business case

Driving gender balance in an organisation requires a customised business case that can align even the strongest of skeptics.

  • Learn the social and moral case for gender balance
  • Understand the potential impact of diversity on performance in teams and organisations
  • Learn the importance of gender balance in different industries such as professional services and consumer & product-based firms
  • Understand the importance of gender balance in winning the war for talent

Identifying the key blockers

Organisations are awash with myths about why fewer women than men reach senior leadership levels. It is vital to develop an understanding of the real challenges women face and how these manifest in your context.

  • Explore the range of organisational structures and processes that can unintentionally hold women back
  • Recognise the behavioural norms that subtly block women’s progress on a day-to-day basis
  • Understand the issues women encounter when there are few women in leadership roles in their organisation Develop a nuanced understanding of bias

Implementing solutions

To achieve gender balance, organisations need a concrete, coordinated plan of action that involves interventions at multiple levels, supporting and reinforcing each other.

  • Learn the broad range of interventions that can be implemented to drive gender balance, and the science behind what works and what doesn’t
  • Explore the interventions you can immediately implement at the interpersonal level
  • Discover organisational solutions that are most powerful when implemented behind the scenes
  • Understand the suite of visible organisational solutions that together will drive gender balance Design and test an implementation strategy for your organisation

Action Learning Project

The Action Learning Project (ALP) will give you the opportunity to practise applying your learning to your own context. Working with the learning coach, you will design an ALP that is aligned with your organisation and your personal learning objectives. The ALP involves using the tools and frameworks learnt throughout the programme to build an integrative plan to enable gender balance in your organisation. This will include three steps that align with the three modules of the programme:

  1. Build a business case for gender balance tailored to your organisation

  2. Conduct an organisational diagnosis to scope out the key blockers to gender balance in your context

  3. Build and test an integrated strategy to drive gender balance in your organisation

Depending on your scope of responsibility, the integrated strategy may focus more on the interpersonal or organisational levels of analysis. For those attending the programme with a group of colleagues from the same organisation, the learning coach can help you structure a more ambitious team ALP to collaborate and work on together.

There are three phases to the ALP process: First, you will agree on the scope of your ALP with the learning coach, to make sure it aligns with the learning objectives of the programme and culminates in a concrete end goal. Second, in each of the content weeks, you will apply the tools and concepts from that week to your ALP. Third, at the end of the content weeks, you will synthesise elements from your weekly submissions to propose a concrete action plan including strategic recommendations for your organisation, and submit it for peer review. In the final week of the programme, the peer review will take place, where every participant will review 2 to 4 other submissions and provide peer feedback.

Weekly Learning Journey

Each week of content follows a very clear path to facilitate learning for busy executives. The platform allows participants to learn at their own pace during each week, by viewing the content, completing assignments and engaging in discussions, taking on average 3-5 hours per week to complete.

Who should attend

The INSEAD Gender Diversity Programme is primarily designed for people leaders at two levels:

  • Executives who are in traditional leadership positions – of teams, business units, products or functions – and who are committed to driving gender balance in their area
  • Senior executives who are responsible for driving the diversity and inclusion agenda of their organisations

The programme is also relevant for human resources, and diversity and inclusion specialists.

Trust the experts

Zoe Kinias

Zoe Kinias is an Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD and the Academic Director of INSEAD’s Gender Initiative. She is also a member of the INSEAD Randomized Control Trials Lab. After ten years teaching MBAs, first at the Kellogg School of Management and then at INSEAD, Zoe n...


Jennifer Petriglieri

Jennifer Petriglieri is an Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD. She directs the Executive Education Management Acceleration Programme, and teaches the High Impact Leadership Programme, The Leadership Transition programme, and the Psychological Issues in Management elective c...


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