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About the course

Are you investing your marketing budget in the right place? Do you understand how your customers buy and what do they expect from you in the digital age? Are you systematically late to market or in sync with the internet age consumer speed? Do you understand What tools such as data-driven marketing can bring to your business? And, are you building your business and brand together with your customers? Managers need to think beyond the online communication revolution and understand the profound consumer behavior transformation that we are experiencing. Being able to redefine the new marketing charter, strategies and organization are key to succeed and survive in the new digital era.

Program objectives

We will provide the necessary tools to define and implement the new strategy in the areas of Go-to-market, product management, and consumer engagement.

  • The new customer behavior in the digital era.
  • The real-time customer relationship and the speed of change in the competitive landscape
  • The deep changes in the distribution channels.
  • The new capabilities to track and understand consumer behavior in real time that data-driven marketing offers.
  • Authenticity: what are the new consumer’s expectations? Is authenticity profitable? Needed?
  • Real-time marketing: how can we sync our organizational clock with the consumer speed? What are brands such as Coca Cola, Taco Bell or Pepsi doing? What can we learn from tech startups?
  • Innovative consumer journey: are consumers still brand loyal? Are we investing in the right consumer’s touch-points? How has the purchase process changed? What can we do to re-engage the customers?
  • Engaging customer energy: do we know how to engage consumers energy? What are companies such as HP, 3M or GoPro doing in this area?
  • Focussing on the product: How can we deliver an emotional experience to the customer within the product? How has the new marketing product changed?

Who should attend

Marketing officers, startup founders, engagement directors, client relationship managers, marketing strategy consultants, etc… This workshop is useful for anyone who markets products, services, ideas through new technologies. Participants from all functional areas and all industries are welcome. We encourage organizations to send marketing teams to this workshop.

Trust the experts

Pau Virgili

Pau Virgili, professor of Marketing at Esade, is an expert in new technologies, management, and marketing. He has considerable management experience in international companies, as well as an entrepreneur and consultant. Previously, he was the General Manager of Marketing Europe at HP FMCG and Mar...


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