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Digital transformation is the process of adopting and utilizing state-of-the-art technologies in order to boost business activity, improve safety, and...

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Information technology is at the heart of any process connected to utilizing computers and communication systems. It is a quite broad term that is use...

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Who should attend

  • CEOs, CIOs and business owners
  • heads of design and innovation departments
  • product managers and team leaders
  • service and experience designers
  • UX researchers
  • innovators and trendsetters

About the course

Boost your knowledge about innovation process and strategy by learning from the top people in the industry. Get Inspired by innovation and service design experts as they discuss hot topics and share their unique approaches.

Whether you are at the beginning of your digital transformation journey or right in the middle of it, these series will give you new ideas and perspectives on the process, leadership, industry and trends.

You will learn

  • What methodologies and processes companies use to create new products and services
  • How to do research in different countries and understand the cultural context
  • How to measure the impact of design
  • How to sell your ideas internally
  • Tools and frameworks for digital transformation and how to get the most out of AI
  • What is Behavioural Design and how it can help you change user habits
  • How to use trends and forces to plan and prepare for the future


Meet other innovation managers and service designers from around the world.


Get behind-the-scenes access to design thinking methodologies from the top design agencies


Get the latest case studies, tools and frameworks to use in your work



From Design Council's Double Diamond to Stanford's 5 step process

  • Discover: most useful tools and typical pitfalls
  • Define: how to decide which problem to solve
  • Develop: what makes creativity flourish
  • Deliver: how to move the needle
  • Scaling innovation in the organisation


  • About research at IntO
  • What is cultural context in research
  • In-detail + In-context. Lego case study
  • Inside + Outside. Maxi Cosy case study
  • Remote + On the ground. Skyscanner case study
  • Collaborate + Cross-pollinate. Uber case study
  • Cultural approach review


  • How Futurice uses data
  • The power of AI
  • Strategic Analysis framework – how to get value out of AI
  • Resource-based view and strategic assets framework
  • Data Asset Mapping
  • Realising value of AI and quantifying the impact
  • Building an AI-powered organisation


  • Empathic Design Method as a way to stay open-minded about potential solutions
  • Working with extreme users to find inspiration
  • How to breach a learning gap without redesigning the whole product
  • Designing and communicating radical solutions to clients


  • Intro into Service Design at Kuudes
  • Fogg Behaviour Model
  • Applying model to a real problem
  • Trying it out


  • What is Prosperous Design
  • How to tell a complex story to get everyone aligned
  • How to design products that will create better financial habits
  • How to lead teams and build creative confidence


  • Who am I and why thinking about the future?
  • Concerns - What do you want to focus on?
  • Looking ahead - How far ahead?
  • Trends and forces - What's now?
  • Visioning scenarios - What's next?
  • Backcasting and roadmapping - How?
  • Axes of Uncertainty - What first?


Ekaterina Solomeina

Ekaterina is a designer, innovator and a TEDx speaker. For the past 14 years, Ekaterina has worked with the top design and innovation companies around the world Coca-Cola, Versace, Samsung, IBM and Microsoft helping to grow brands, developing design teams and creating new digital products.

Joanna Brassett

Joanna Brassett, Founding Director of intO is an expert in combining design research with social science and strategic innovation. The intO studio research people’s attitudes and behaviour in their local language, developing strategies for businesses and organisations within the context of cultur...

Tom Castle

“Data is the new oil’, or so the saying goes. We hear a lot about the value of data in organisations, we also hear a lot about the ethics and implications for its misuse and challenges getting positive ROI. Futurice introduces tools and frameworks to help their clients get their heads around this...

Harri Nieminen

Harri is the Service Design Director at Kuudes designing meaningful concepts that have a positive impact on people’s lives. Previously he worked at OP Financial Group, where he had a team of 22 service designers – maybe the biggest in-house team in Finland. He speaks frequently about design and c...

Clara Gaggero Westaway

Clara is an inventor, designer, user-oriented researcher and educator. She cofounded Special Projects, a product design & invention studio that creates innovative products and services by fusing the physical and digital worlds. Her design experience spans from digital services to physical p...

Dan Makoski

Dan Makoski is an executive who brings an organisation’s deepest purpose to life by weaving technology and strategy together through brilliant design. He is currently Chief Design Officer at Lloyds Banking Group, leading a multi-disciplinary human-centered team with the singular goal of helping ...

Matias Ferrero

Matias Ferrero and I am designer that enables organizations to solve human challenges and deliver value to people. I am currently a Senior Service Designer focused on designing services and user experiences at Fjord. I speak, teach and write about my passion: design. I am also a co-organizer of ...

Innovation Masterclasses at Future London Academy

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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