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About the course

Generate winning ideas, drive fresh concepts and build a culture of innovativeness within your organisation. Learn how to access creativity ideal to unlock meaningful ideas, build and sustain a culture of innovation readiness within your organisation. Whether it is incremental innovation, process innovation, service innovation, business model innovation, or any other type of innovation, this programme will assist you to create and sustain winning conditions for innovation and implementation through all the stages, from idea generation to bottom-line results.

This programme draws on real-life company case studies and employs a mix of lectures, videos and workshops. As such, the course is very hands on; it is not a theory-intense course, but has a strong practical focus. By the end of the course, you feel that you have covered some of the most important authors and current trends in the field.

How you will benefit

After this programme, you will have acquired the ability to drive innovation in your team, department or company.

Specifically, the course equips you to:

  • Formulate an innovation strategy;
  • Establish a process for innovation in a department or company;
  • Define good criteria for idea filtering;
  • Understand how to change people's behaviour and motivate creative action; and
  • Understand the most important trends and theories in the innovation industry, such as crowd sourcing, open innovation, rapid prototyping, ethnographic studies, choice architecture, social engineering and human factors design.

Key focus areas

Understand the world of business and how we need to be responding innovatively;

  • Define the role of the leader as an innovation architect;
  • Clarify the human need state and links to innovation;
  • Understand why are certain companies considered to be innovative;
  • Improve on empathy, language and a mind-set for innovation;
  • Entrench 'bottom-up' innovation in big organisations;
  • Create highly innovative teams and learn how to reframe problems; and
  • and future skills and their link to innovation readiness.

Who should attend

  • Anyone who requires their organisation to have more of an innovation culture; and
  • Executives and managers challenged with making innovation happen.

The course assumes that you have a role at a regular management level, as opposed to a specialised innovation job.

Trust the experts

Brad Shorkend

Brad Shorkend is an agitator & thought provoker… he works with business leaders around the world helping them to be constantly innovation ready and to create exceptional employee and customer experiences that translate into kick-ass innovation, constant relevance, and significant revenue. He...


Course reviews

General Manager from South Africa 2019

Course quality: good
Instructors: very good
Other (e.g. materials, infrastructure): very good

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