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Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership

Innovation for Resilience and Market Access (Sustainability Leadership Labs)

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About the course

University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) Labs bring together professionals to test and challenge cutting-edge responses to global problems. Open to all our alumni and senior industry practitioners, these two-day sustainability workshops held four times per year in Cambridge, are an opportunity for professional development, co-creation and networking – all with real application to your company or organisational situation

The opportunity: sustainable innovation

Today’s fast changing and global context is introducing both challenges and opportunities for businesses. Innovation plays a crucial role in building resilience, ensuring competitiveness by maintaining or accessing new markets, and/or contributing to social development. Constraints are sometimes viewed as an impediment to innovation; however they can also serve as catalysts for creative solutions by incentivising action in anticipation of future resource supply constraints / disruptions, or changing customer needs / expectations.

Learning experience

Practical sessions will give participants an understanding of how sustainability can be a driver for and be embedded within the innovation process. In addition, there will be the opportunity to co-create sustainable solutions using problem solving techniques and innovative learning approaches.

Benefits of attending

This workshop will stretch your thinking through discussion with leading academics and practitioners, as well as active participation, including with case studies. Through participation, you will understand how your company can:

  • benefit from an awareness of its wider operating context
  • improve resilience, access new markets or contribute to social development
  • realise the benefits of proactively undertaking innovation under constraints
  • learn from case studies showcasing sustainable innovations
  • identify opportunities to reshape existing operations
  • recognise how constrained innovation can lead to expansion into new markets, while improving resilience
  • seize opportunities to unlock competitor advantage
  • grasp innovations that lead to sustainable growth.

Who should attend

This Lab will be especially beneficial to those working in strategy, sustainability, innovation, R&D, new product development, business development, service innovation, start-up entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and change managers.

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