Innovation as a Corporate Model



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About the course

Initiate and implant innovation into your organization´s DNA.

Innovate or die. Today’s business landscape is marked by an innovation culture, one that touches upon the most fundamental challenges that every business leader faces. The accelerated pace of globalization requires companies to improve processes, develop new products, and create new lines of business in ever shorter cycles. Disruptive technologies and increasing competition threaten revenue streams from existing lines of business. At the same time, digitalization and new forms of early-stage consumer involvement during the development process offer an unprecedented number of channels for the interaction and exchange of ideas. Innovation is not a product - it is a mindset. Tomorrow’s winners will be those who embed innovation thought processes inside their organization’s DNA.

Berlin embodies this new thinking. As a hub for the international startup scene, the city is home to an entrepreneurial spirit that fosters innovation in both large and small organizations. It is an environment in which traditional businesses are learning from entrepreneurs about new collaboration and communication models. Building on ESMT’s extensive network to move into prolific new ventures, the English language program “Innovation as a Corporate Model” (ICM) breaks the boundaries of classroom teaching with a deep-dive learning experience. Participants will visit new forms of shared working environments. They will speak with startup entrepreneurs and CEOs to gain insights into a new type of competitive mindset. They will acquire tools that enhance creativity and boost innovation inside their own business units. Finally, participants will explore how to steer an organization toward greater agility and reap the benefits of methods such as Design Thinking.

Key benefits

  • Master the fundamentals for successfully initiating and implanting innovation into the organization’s DNA
  • Experiential exercises, interactive lectures, peer-coaching sessions, and a personal innovation action plan
  • Acquire a hands-on toolkit to enhance creativity and boost innovation

Key topics

  • Reconciling explorers and exploiters in the firm
  • When and how to use agile innovation methods
  • Crowdsourcing and open innovation
  • New innovation formats – entering the startup ecosystem
  • Platforms and Deep Tech
  • Finding the right innovation partners

Who should attend

Executives from business development, strategy, marketing, and sales who seek to initiate or lead innovation processes, as well as manage new innovation sources and channels within their business.

Trust the experts

Konstantin Korotov

Prof. Konstantin Korotov joined ESMT European School of Management and Technology in August 2005. He received his tenure in 2011. He is the director of the ESMT Center for Leadership Development Research (CLDR), which he co-founded with Prof. Manfred Kets de Vries. Konstantin received his PhD in ...


Jens Weinmann

Before joining ESMT Berlin, Jens Weinmann was project manager of the Market Model Electric Mobility, a research project financed by the German environmental ministry (BMU). From 2007 to 2009, he worked as manager at the economic consultancy ESMT Competition Analysis. Further consulting experience...


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Innovation as a Corporate Model – a participant's voice | ESMT Berlin

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Innovation as a Corporate Model at ESMT

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Dec 1—3, 2020

Berlin, Germany


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