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Booth School of Business

Innovation and Growth in the age of Digital Disruption - Hong Kong

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Jun 4—5
2 days
Hong Kong, China
USD 3800
USD 1900 per day


Learn concepts and frameworks that will help you and your company anticipate disruptive changes in the market and act with strategic agility to successfully lead digital transformation.

A confluence of multiple digital technology trends, from mobility and cloud computing to artificial intelligence and robotics, has created a new reality for companies across most industries: Whatever a company’s business strategy is today it will likely need to be different 3-5 years from now. That is, the value they offer to the market will evolve, and the ways in which they create and deliver that value will change. To make matters worse, the scale-based positional advantages that protected large industry incumbents in the past are weakening as new digitally-enabled business models invade an increasing number of industries.

This digital transformation, and disruption, has been underway for a number of years, but it’s on pace to accelerate as new digital technologies become easier to adopt for companies of all sizes. Leading companies view digital technology as an opportunity to grow and expand their business, while the slow adopters view digital technology as a threat and are taking a measured, more defensive posture. Ultimately, the slow adopters are setting themselves up to be disrupted.

By attending this program, you will:

  • Develop a broader understanding of the medium to long-term implications of emerging digital technologies on your business.
  • Obtain the ability to separate the type of value (or outcomes) you provide to your customers from how you provide such value, and use this as a basis for recognizing opportunities and threats created by digital technology.
  • Learn how to analyze your current business model to identify the disruptive potential of digital technologies and potential innovative changes to your business model.
  • Learn how to apply lean approaches to strategy development to support higher levels of strategic agility


  • Overview of digital technology trends and their disruptive potential
  • Identification of long-term, industry-specific digital technology themes to support long-term strategy development
  • Introduction of an outcome-based approach to customer value creation to support digital innovation efforts
  • Exposure to business model and operating model innovation through digital technologies and platforms

Who should attend

In the context of digital transformation, a company’s medium-to-long-term strategy should not be left to a small number of executives at the top of the organizational hierarchy. Instead, the continuous emergence of new opportunities and threats created by digital technologies requires greater agility across the entire organization. Hence, this program will benefit mid-to-senior-level executives who have an impact on, or influence over, their company’s or business unit’s strategy.


Marc J. Knez studies strategic and organizational decision making, strategic planning, and market analysis. His academic research evolved from a focus on applying game theory and decision theory to strategic decisionmaking to a focus on market analysis, strategy development, and organizational st...
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