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Celebrating Innovating Health for Tomorrow (IHT) Programme Since 1998, through its leadership and innovation programmes with INSEAD, Johnson & Johnson (J&J) Global Community Impact (GCI) has invested in almost 1500 senior healthcare leaders across EMEA. These programmes invited health leaders to embark into a learning journey of self-guided discovery to further develop their leadership and innovation capacity – realising their vital role in rethinking and transforming health systems.

Over the last 18 months, J&J GCI has been on a journey to further refine its strategy to generate more focused impact where it matters the most. Guided by the J&J Credo and the J&J purpose of blending heart, science and ingenuity to change the trajectory of health for humanity as well as the Global Community Impact mission to support and champion the people on the frontlines of care – a strategic shift has been made to focus J&J’s social impact programming on the bridge between the community and the primary health system. More specifically on building the skills, capabilities, leadership and resiliency of three cadres of health workers who are instrumental in connecting communities with primary health facilities namely; nurses, midwives and community health workers. By doing so, J&J GCI will play an important role together with their partners in supporting Universal Health Coverage and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. For all their partners globally, J&J GCI will now take a step back and reflect on how best to re-shape their future social impact portfolio moving forward against their revised focus and strategy. INSEAD too is taking a step back to reflect on how to best re-shape its focus on the role of business in society and business as a force for good in health systems. Concretely, this means that the Innovating Health for Tomorrow (IHT) Programme will come to an end following the completion of the 2019 programme.

Over the last 7 years, IHT has seen about 240 health innovators graduate across 43 countries. INSEAD and J&J GCI are very proud of what the programme has achieved and what alumni have been inspired to do following the programme.

Content Overview

Innovating Health for Tomorrow is a pioneering professional development programme for senior managers in the fields of healthcare services. It is designed to equip participants to become more innovative – and to support those around them in becoming more innovative too. After all, today’s healthcare professionals face many challenges. Ageing populations, rising expectations, less healthy lifestyles, more chronic illness and the relentless march of science and technology in a constantly shifting economic landscape are just a few.

In the face of such challenges, it is tempting to focus on rationing or to try and lower society’s expectations, or to simply try harder to be more efficient. However, the real solution is to innovate, not just by adding to the scientific or technological advances of old processes, but by finding new ways of doing things. It is time to develop more creative approaches to care and prevention that work for today’s needs, but are also sustainable for tomorrow.

The programme consists of two modules, spaced approximately three months apart – with pre-programme preparation, follow-up between modules and a status report three months after the end of the second module. The programme includes hands-on experiential workshops, which enable participants to work through a process of structured and systematic generation of ideas.

Who should attend

The programme is designed for a cross-section of professionals who can influence healthcare at a regional, national or local level. Most participants are expected to hold senior executive and/or entrepreneurial positions in organisations.

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IBM, Deloitte, EY, Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers...

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