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Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

Inner Development for Outer Transformation

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There are two kinds of education, two kinds of development and two kinds of knowledge. The first is called inner development. The other is called outer development. Inner development is more important than outer development. Inner development is about seeking to understand who you really are, exploring your identity and symbolizes a relentless search for oneself. It is about persistent self-enquiry otherwise known as atmavichara. Our scriptures say that silence is the language of God. His presence can be discovered in the stillness of the Self.

Such is the essence of the science of self-enquiry. It is a spiritual science that needs subtlety of mind to grasp it’s working. It is knowledge of the Self. Since this knowledge is within and resides in the Heart, it is about awakening ourselves to the divine presence in us. Dhyanamor meditation, japam or chanting the holy name of God and pujaor worship are the vehicles that need to be deployed in this journey.

It is about transforming the power of thought (icchashakti), word (jnanashakti) and deed (kriyashakti) into offerings at the lotus feet of the lord. Such is the nature of inner engineering, inner knowledge and inner management. Immersing ourselves in such persistent spiritual practice gives us Shakti or power to develop bhaktior devotion, the two critical ingredients of muktior salvation. Education must consist of harmonious development of both the inner and outer spaces.


  • The Need to Balance to Inner and Outer Development
  • Exposure of Analytical, Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence
  • Explore Ways and Means of Inner Development
  • Why is a Guru Necessary?
  • Highlight the Value of Indian Spirituality in Corporate lifeContents
  • Inspirational Narratives that help us understand inner development
  • Why the Kurukshetrais always within and not without?
  • The difference between lokavichara and atmavichara
  • Why outer development must focus on inner development?
  • Harmonizing the three intelligences
  • Took-kit for inner development
  • Reading Materials on Real life experiences
  • Spiritual Practice
  • The need for Vision, Values, Clarity and Context
  • The Need for faith, Devotion and Surrender

Who should attend

Nominations are invited from fast track performers who have a natural inclination in setting high stands of internal excellence and are looking at ways and means of persisting in the journey of excellence.


Dr. Ramnath Narayanswamy is a Professor in the Economics and Social Sciences Area in the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. His areas of interest include Business and Society, Economic Reforms in Transition Economies (India and China), Spirituality and Self Development and Leadership Deve...


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