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SIM Professional Development

Influence Skills for Sales™

Nov 4—5, 2019
2 days
SGD 1872 ≈USD 1364
SGD 936 per day

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Be empowered with the behavior of successful sellers. Research shows evidence that no matter what the past selling experience is, it is important to be able to influence when selling to stakeholders. People buy from people. It is critical to convince stakeholders, obtain ‘buy-in’ to your proposal, overcome objections and manage ‘difficult’ customers.

This program avoids a formulaic approach to selling in favor of building behavioral and process flexibility, enabling sellers to achieve their objectives while maintaining positive, long-term relationships with their stakeholders.

The program helps sellers build influence skills and teaches them how to match techniques to each sales situation. The program presents all concepts in the context of a Critical Selling Situation that each participant brings to the program. This is a practical, hands-on, interactive and challenging workshop to stretch your learning and apply your influence skills effectively and successfully.

Participants will be enabled to get ‘buy-in’ and support from stakeholders and close deals faster. By adapting influence styles to respond to challenging situations, participants can influence stakeholders successfully, regardless of their positions, and without pressuring or aggressive behaviour. Build and maintain long-term relationships, win and close deals over your competitors!

Benefits to You

Influence Skills in Sales™ will enable participants to:

Use positive influence to achieve sales objectives

Maintain and build long-term relationships with stakeholders

Apply influence model in sales situation

Apply appropriate influence styles in each stage of a sales cycle and shorten the cycle

Analyse stakeholders and situations to apply appropriate selling styles

Manage and influence difficult stakeholders effectively using personal power

Refine influence selling skills, learn more styles and expand the use of personal influence in daily sales situations

Programme Outline

Pre-Program Self-Assessment

The Situational Influence Model ™

Exploring Alternative Influence Styles in Sales Situations

Skill Practice Using Sales Cases and Exercises

Applications: Critical Selling Situation

As part of the training and learning during this course, photography and/or video recording of participants in action will be done.

Who should attend

Level 2: Supervisor, Executive & Emerging Managers

Level 3: New Managers

Level 4: Managers


Eric Ng is the President of a company that holds an exclusive license in Singapore with Situation Management Systems, Inc. – an international organisation specialising in Influence and Negotiation. He is a master trainer for the Positive Power & Influence® Programme and will help you learn an...

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Nov 4—5, 2019
2 days
SGD 1872 ≈USD 1364
SGD 936 per day

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