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Through IoT use cases, this course will enable you to understand new technologies taking shape and help you create a plan to capitalize on the latest developments.


The “Internet of Things” (IoT) is the concept associated with devices becoming connected as the cost of sensors and connectivity continues to plunge. Connected devices can be as simple as a toaster signaling its status, or as complex as a jet engine streaming real-time updates during flight. More than 50 billion IoT connected devices are expected by 2020.


  • How the Internet of Things is creating new opportunities for businesses
  • Understanding the barriers and underlying technologies in the adoption of IoT
  • How companies are reducing operational expenses and creating a competitive advantage with IoT
  • Realizing the value created by collecting, communicating, coordinating, and leveraging the data from connected devices
  • How IoT data is being used to enhance business strategy and impact the bottom line
  • Understanding how to develop and implement your own IoT technologies, solutions, and applications


The Internet of Things (IoT) is already transforming how we live, work and interact with each other. All companies will be impacted by the use and deployment of IoT one way or another; strikingly similar to how the Internet impacted all businesses in the late nineties. This program focuses on the technologies behind IoT, it prepares participants to understand what the Internet of Things is and the potential impacts it can have on a business. The program reviews IoT business strategy from theory to implementation, describing how key decisions are made and how to avoid pitfalls. It will use actual case studies reviewing how industry leaders are deploying the use of the Internet of Things in industry


“Guest speakers are amazing! These guys have been there, done that. They have gone around, pitched their ideas successfully, sold their companies. I think this is a real-life lesson: this is not coming from a book.” “For me, the strategy portion is probably the most important. You’ve got very valid frameworks. This is the way to look at your markets, competition, value chain. Knowing that strategy helps to shape my judgment, increase my confidence and influence my decisions.” “Taking me out of my comfort zone and applying some of these principles to a new area outside my domain expertise is very useful.” Industry Applications for the Internet of Things


Disruptive Technologies

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  • Augmented and Virtual Reality Technology Leadership
  • Positive Leadership and Innovation
  • Engineering Leadership Professional Program
  • Silicon Valley Innovation Leadership Week
  • Global Technology Leaders Program
  • Lean Construction Principles Joint Certificate Program with the UC Berkeley Executive Education at the Haas School of Business
  • Disruptive Technology and Commercialization

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UC Berkeley Engineering Executive & Professional Education prepares engineering and technical professionals for leadership roles by cultivating expertise and skills in technology and leadership.


Recognized as one of the world’s top three engineering schools, we understand engineers and what they face as they move into leadership roles in global environments. We bring the perspective of a faculty of thought leaders - engineers who are creating tomorrow’s knowledge today - who have realworld industrial experience as entrepreneurs, heads of Research and Development, and consultants to industry. All of our programs incorporate these strengths as the basis of design and delivery so that our program graduates are well-versed in how to fill global engineering roles. We recognize the tremendous strengths and skills that engineers and scientists have developed through their education and experience. Engineers are adept at mastering complex systems and making decisions in the most challenging technological situations. We teach them how to apply these skills to global business and organizational situations and challenges.

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Whether you are an independent entrepreneur or leading in a large corporate environment, we’ll help you discover how to take advantage of this technology trend and build concrete “next steps” for your business development strategy toolbox.

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Scott Moura

Scott Moura is an Assistant Professor at the University of California, Berkeley in Civil & Environmental Engineering and Director of eCAL. He received the Ph.D. degree from theUniversity of Michigan in 2011, the M.S. degree from the University of Michigan in 2008, and the B.S. degree from the...


Naeem Zafar

Naeem Zafar has been teaching at the University of California since 2005. He is a lecturer and Industry Fellow at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology. He is also the Professor of the Practice at Brown University. He teaches courses in Entrepreneurship, Technology Strategy, Innovation a...


Kristofer Pister

Professor Kris Pister received a B.A. in Applied Physics from UC San Diego in 1986 and a M.S. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from UC Berkeley in 1989 and 1992, respectively. He taught in the Electrical Engineering Department at UCLA prior to joining the faculty at UC Berkeley in 1996. Profe...


Jan Rabaey

Received the EE and Ph.D degrees in Applied Sciences from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, respectively in 1978 and 1983. From 1983 till 1985, he was connected to the University of California, Berkeley as a Visiting Research Engineer. From 1985 till 1987, he was a research manager at ...


Liwei Lin

Liwei Lin is a professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and a Co-Director of the Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center. Professor Lin’s research interests include design, modeling, and fabrication of micro/nano structures, sensors, actuators, and mechanical issues in micro/nano syst...


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