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Oxford Management Centre

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  • 5 days
  • in person

What are the topics?

Oxford Management Centre


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Who should attend

This Oxford training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Frontline Customer Service Representatives (CSR)
  • Team Supervisors
  • Department Managers
  • Account Managers
  • Field Service Representatives
  • Brand Managers
  • Public Relation Professionals

About the course

This Oxford Customer Service training seminar on Service Quality and Excellence is designed to give customer service professionals the communication skills, technology tools, and best practices they require to build strong customer relationships and develop a customer-centric organisation. Becoming customer-centric is one of the most important aims of any organisation. Customer centricity refers to the orientation of a company to the needs and behaviors of its customers, rather than internal drivers such as the quest for short-term profit. Customers have high expectations and demand quality customer service from companies they choose to do business with. Providing customer service excellence gives an organisation a competitive advantage in the marketplace and is the key factor that keeps customers coming back.

Today, customers have an increasing range of choice: choice of supplier, choice of channel, choice of products and services. Their loyalty is determined by the quality of the experience they receive. Delegates will learn effective customer-centric strategies and best practices to provide world-class customer service excellence. Successful organisations understand the importance of developing a customer-centric mindset and deliberately restructure their customer service model to increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

  • Develop a strategy to build a more proactive, customer-centric organisation
  • Analyze and implement the 'best practices' of world-class customer service organisations
  • Utilize interpersonal skills as vital tools in the provision of customer service
  • Measure and assess how well customer service standards and objectives are being achieved
  • Enhanced communication, persuasion, and conflict resolution skills


At the end of this Oxford training seminar, you will learn to:

  • Establish the importance of setting and reviewing customer service standards
  • Use body language to build trust and rapport face-to-face or over the phone
  • Communicate more effectively by utilizing active listening and questioning skills
  • Demonstrate how to deal with difficult or demanding customers in a professional manner
  • Set SMART objectives and goals to become more productive
  • Utilize stress management techniques to increase job satisfaction

Training Methodology

This Oxford Customer Service training seminar on Service Quality and Excellence training course encourages delegate participation through a combination of lectures, group discussion, practical exercises, case studies, video clips, and breakout sessions designed to reinforce new skills. The comprehensive course manual has been developed to be practical, easy to use and facilitate learning.

Organisational Impact

Here are just some of the many valuable benefits to your organisation:

  • A shared organisational customer-centric service vision
  • Enhanced professional image with customer base
  • Increased customer retention and revenue growth
  • Improved intra / inter departmental communication and teamwork
  • A highly motivated and customer-focused workforce
  • Increased competency and communication skills

Personal Impact

After attending this Oxford training course, you will acquire:

  • An increased appreciation for their role in helping their organisation achieve customer service excellence
  • Up-to-date techniques and methods to help them provide world-class customer service
  • Enhanced leadership and communication skills required to excel in their career
  • Increased confidence in their abilities to work professionally with difficult or upset customers
  • Improved management performance by learning techniques to empower, motivate, and retain customer service personnel
  • Improved time management skills to become more productive

Course Outline

Responding to the Voice of the Customer

  • What do your customers expect?
  • Serving Internal and External Customers
  • Active Listening and Questioning Skills
  • How to Read your Customer’s Body Language?
  • Understanding the Four Customer Types

Developing a Top-Down Customer-Centric Culture

  • Creating a Customer Service Vision and Strategy
  • Steps for Implementing a Customer-centric Service Model
  • The Best and Worst Customer Service Providers
  • Most Admired Leadership Traits
  • Examples of World-class Customer Service Organisations

Going the Extra Mile to Provide Customer Service Excellence

  • The Power of a Positive Attitude
  • Is your team ready for takeoff?
  • Presenting a Professional Appearance
  • How to Use Customer Service to Increase Sales and Brand Loyalty?
  • Brainstorming for Ideas to improve the “customer experience”

Measuring and Monitoring Customer Service Satisfaction

  • Why is measuring customer satisfaction important?
  • Customer Service Satisfaction Measuring and Monitoring
  • Techniques for Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Best Practices for Processing Customer Service Issues
  • Service Recovery Strategies to Maintain Customer Loyalty
  • The Impact of Social Media on Customer Service

Leading the Way to Superior Customer Service!

  • Setting SMART Goals for Continuous Improvement
  • Building Employee and Team Motivation
  • Coaching and Mentoring Team Members
  • Stress Management Tips and Techniques
  • What is your Action Plan?


  • Outline two suggestions that you believe would improve the quality of your organisation’s Customer Service Support
  • Outline two examples of how you plan to improve your customer service and “Go the Extra Mile” when rendering service to your internal and external customers
  • Which of the following statements regarding body language is false?
    • Men and women use completely different body language gestures to communicate their emotions
    • Generally speaking, a person’s body language gestures, rather than words, are a much more accurate judge of his or her true feelings
    • Most body language finger gestures don’t always have the same meaning from culture to culture
    • When you “match & mirror” a person’s gestures, you are creating trust and building rapport
  • Which of the following statements regarding customer service is true?
    • It’s OK to hang up on a customer if he or she is being demanding
    • Internal customers are more important than external customers
    • Never send out more than one customer survey per year
    • All of the above are true statements
  • Which of the following statements regarding temperament styles is true?
    • There are four primary temperament styles
    • All men are born with the same temperament style
    • Women are better listeners than men
    • Men do not show their emotions in public
  • Which of the following statements is true?
    • The customer is always right
    • The only time you can yell at a customer is if they start yelling first
    • It is a great idea to record all inbound and outbound phone calls to improve service and quality control
    • Closed-ended questions are used to get the customer to open up and talk more

ILM® Endorsed - Service Quality and Excellence at Oxford Management Centre

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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