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Human Resource Management: Principles and Practices

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About the course

Human resources is the backbone of an organization, business sector or economy. Human Resource Management is the process of managing an organisation’s employees in a strategic manner in order to optimise their performance and productivity. Resulting in upskilled staff that are motivated, committed and efficient.

The Human Resources online short course content is driven by the distilled, practical experience of one of USB-ED’s faculty members, whose expertise adds immense value to the course, motivating your online learning experience. The course content is aligned to industry leading standards and requirements, as well as the needs of successful future Human Resource managers; ensuring your relevance and usefulness within your organisation.

What will I learn?

  • Gain a critical understanding of the people that make up an organisation and deal with human resource management issues effectively, which you will encounter regularly as a line manager
  • Learn the importance of continuous training and development of an organisation’s employees, resulting in added value to the business
  • Develop a working knowledge of generally accepted labour relations and labour practice essentials
  • Apply sustainable and effective change at a personal and organisational level, driving dynamic change within an organisation
  • Keep up to date with essential safety requirements in the workplace and implement them effectively

Course breakdown

  • Week 1 - Orientation Module
  • Week 2 - Introduction to Human Resource Management
  • Week 3 - Human Resource Planning
  • Week 4 - Human Resource Development
  • Week 5 - Legislation in Human Resource Management
  • Week 6 - Performance Management
  • Week 7 - Understanding Human Behaviour and Motivation
  • Week 8 - Building and Managing Effective Work Teams
  • Week 9 - Change Management
  • Week 10 - Assignment Module

Who should attend

This short course is ideal for aspiring HR managers, who would benefit from HR-based practices and techniques as they seek to build and motivate high performance teams. A business without an organised, cooperative line manager is prone to make conflicting business decisions, which can have a negative impact on an organisation as a whole.This can also lead to mismanaged expectations amongst the businesses personnel.

USB-ED’s HR Management online short course equips you with vital skills required to identify and manage all challenges that you will encounter as a line manager, with human resource responsibilities. The course incorporates industry leading thinking, which you can physically apply in the modern workplace, almost instantaneously.

Trust the experts

Kevin Henderson

Kevin is a clinical psychologist, facilitator and motivational teacher with over 30 years’ experience in education, training and development, private practice and employee wellness work. In addition to running a private practice in psychology, Kevin is a seasoned facilitator focussing mostly in ...


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