Oxford Management Centre

HR Master Class on the Future Changes in Human Resources

Available dates

Oct 18—22, 2020
5 days
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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About the course

CHANGE, massive change is coming, this is an advanced and new program and it explains how radical change will impact on the world of work, specifically HR, and employment numbers. Breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence in late 2018 will change the world of work forever; find out what's changing and how it will affect everyone connected with the Human Resource.

Organisations, specifically those using A.I. have reduced traditional HR department activity by 80% and organisation numbers massively. Be in front, understand what to do and how HR functions need to change. Explore which HR processes can be improved now and what you can do and how to demonstrate the financial benefit to those in your organisation.

Bad attendance, poor productivity, unreliable appraisal scores, the new process that HR will use will change all that; first HR needs to be in shape with a new and dynamic skill set. We will show you what’s needed so that you can plan and be successful in the future. Throughout the program, you will get the latest case study material and information. It will be an engaging and very memorable week.

Seminar Objective

  • Be able to understand HR’s future role and devise a strategic plan to evolve
  • Learn and apply the new set of skills needed in HR
  • Re-examine the future design and process for your organisation
  • Be able to understand and show others how to work out the right size of your organisation pre and post A.I.
  • Maximise and take steps to automate or significantly improve recruitment, appraisal and pay and rewards and demonstrate the value to others
  • Get the big picture of what’s really going on

Seminar Outline

  • Devise Strategies to be ahead of the Current Wave of Change
  • Maximise Existing Processes, Pre and Post-A.I.
  • Be able to Calculate the Exact Number of Employees Needed
  • Examine the Choices for the Best Structure
  • Upgrade Processes to Maximise on their Value
  • Develop Seamless Pay and Bonus Schemes for the Future
  • Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Employment
  • Create Process Value from your Existing Processes
  • Find out How Many People will be needed in HR
  • Identify Critical Skills needed and Talent Pipelines

Who should attend

Senior Management responsible for the change, productivity or organisational efficiency. Anyone who wants to see what the future holds for organisations and the impact of Artificial Intelligence:

  • Senior Training Managers
  • Senior HR Staff
  • Workforce Planning Managers
  • Recruiters and Staff Developers
  • Organisational Design Managers
  • Anyone planning to stay in HR after 2020

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