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About the course

Today's modern workplace is disrupted by demographic shifts, the digital revolution, an onslaught of AI and other data-driven decision making, and disintermediation of the value chain. Learn how HR leaders make sense of all these changes, how the HR organization is enabled to support the organizational transformation, and how HR helps to build capabilities that create an organizational culture where both the hard (business performance, revenue, ROI, EBITDA, etc.) and soft (engagement, experience, brand, etc.) sides of the equation are addressed.

In this course, we will understand the changing nature work and information flow within organizations; physical and digital workplace integrations, worker-centered design requiring a differentiated employee experience, technologies that are enabling digital workplace design and decision support; impact on HR's role and processes; implications of working in a digital workplace, and analytics techniques that measurements to create a continuous listening culture.

In response to today's societal concerns, the course also addresses protecting people and information, the responsibility and opportunity HR has to become the guardian of new tech adoption, and practical steps to implement employee-centered workplace decisions that are made based on analytics and design thinking.

Key Outcomes

  • Thinking through the employee experience
  • Understanding different methods to identify key business drivers
  • Translating drivers into metrics
  • Assessing the right data to better influence leaders for faster results and more actionable outcomes
  • Creating insights and presenting data in a visual and impactful manner

Approach and Features

  • High interactive two-day workshop
  • Practice with data sets for hands-on experience
  • Group exercise with an HR dashboard
  • Presentation of insights and practiced communication of analytical results

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Stela Lupushor

Stela Lupushor is the founder and Chief Executive Re-framer of Reframe.Work Inc., a consulting firm advising organizations on workplace inclusion in order to bring resiliency and access to talent in an environment disrupted by demographic shifts, technology, value chain disintermediation, and hum...


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