How to Present, Communicate, and Influence to Achieve the Greatest Impact

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This is a highly practical session that will provide you with both the insight and the inspiration to influence and impact others in a wide range of professional and personal contexts.From Martin Luther King to Steve Jobs, leaders throughout history have used their abilities as communicators to influence and impact others with their message. Paul McGee has delivered over 3,000 presentations in a career spanning over 21 years. He’s spoken in 36 countries to date in places ranging from Tehran to Texas. He’s convinced that being a great communicator is not some gift bestowed upon you at birth. Although natural ability will play a part, we can all reach greater heights than where we are now in terms of our ability as communicators.Whether it’s communicating with customers, colleagues, your boss or a community group there are ways to sabotage your message or alternatively succeed with it. Attending this seminar will help you avoid sabotaging your success and equip you with the tools required to develop your personal confidence and to present and communicate with impact and influence.By doing so you will enhance the success of your organisation, your career, your professional reputation and your own ability to succeed in life.

Time Allocation - Topics

  • 5% Explore why our careers, our relationships and our personal success are so inextricably linked to our ability to communicate and connect with others.
  • 15% What are the seven major mistakes that presenters make and how can you overcome them?
  • 15% Eight things you have to know if you’re to achieve excellence as a communicator.
  • 15% Identify and learn how to use proven strategies to become more memorable, relevant and engaging and how to overcome ‘the hammock effect.’
  • 15% How to achieve ‘life by PowerPoint’ and how to ensure your own personal visual image works for you.
  • 15% How to develop your presentation from scratch and explore alternative ways you can structure your message.
  • 10% How to ensure ‘question time’ is handled professionally and how to avoid potential pitfalls.
  • 10% Identify seven strategies to influence and persuade customers, colleagues and even your kids.


Primary -- LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Adaptability, Communication, Developmental Perspective, Empathy

Secondary -- PLANNING/ORGANIZING: Problem Identification


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Paul McGee

Paul McGee is one of the UK's leading speakers on the subject of change, workplace relationships and motivation. His provocatively titled book SUMO (Shut Up, Move On) became an instant best seller and his book on Self Confidence reached number one in the WHSmith's business book chart and remained...


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