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University of Houston-Clear Lake

How to Improve Your Leader Communication Skills

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May 3—17
2 days
Houston, Texas, United States
USD 850
USD 425 per day


Course Description

Communication is often the greatest factor when working to produce effective outcomes and results. For leaders and managers, effective communication skills are essential to personal, as well as, organizational success. This course addresses the different styles of communication that are present, including but not limited to; specific personality communication styles, how to recognize when miscommunications occur and how to resolve them, as well as learning about one's strengths to promote having strong conversations. In this highly engaged course, participants will be provided the opportunity to apply communication strategies to real world situations, work through case studies, and develop useable interpersonal strategies to promote effective leadership communication skills.

Target Areas of Knowledge

  • Communication strategies, based upon personality needs and preferences
  • Improving verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • How to become an effective listener
  • Skillfully addressing challenges or upsets in a positive and productive manner
  • “Simply Connect Communications” model
  • Recognizing personality type to increase effective communication
  • Strengths identification to promote having strong conversations

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Improved verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Successful communication strategies for different personality styles
  • Increased ability to resolve miscommunications or upsets
  • Heightened strengths awareness and engagement
  • Application of communication strategies in written form and emails
  • Applied learning to overcome communication barriers in the workplace

Who should attend

Aspiring or newly promoted supervisors, process and production supervisors, front-line supervisors, and experienced supervisors who wish to gain knowledge, information and resources to be an effective leader and supervisor in today's diverse work environment.

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