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How to Build Adaptive Organizations in an age of Uncertainty

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About the course

Win in a World of Constant Change

Boost your ability to lead despite uncertainty. Gain new frameworks and explore strategies to improve your organization’s capacity to adapt and thrive in complex markets in a state of constant flux.


  • Develop key leadership competencies to better confront market conditions defined by VUCA: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity
  • Integrate agile strategies to align core capabilities in dynamic and fast-moving global environments
  • Examine the importance of establishing a stable foundation to meet current demands while incorporating agility to innovate for the future


During the “How to Build Adaptive Organizations in an Age of Uncertainty” program, we will tackle the following topics:

Understanding a VUCA Environment

  • Adapt to Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous contexts
  • Anticipate disruptive forces
  • Appreciate global trends and their potential impact
  • Avoid strategic mismatch

Developing Personal and Organizational Agility

  • Design a framework that fosters agility
  • Develop an intrapreneurial leadership structure
  • Generate innovation in organizations

Learning from Success

  • Understand how businesses successfully navigate complex challenges in uncertain contexts
  • Explore best practices from a range of sectors

Applying Agility Insights to Executive Challenges

Build on key take-aways and learn how to apply them to address your organizational challenges


The “How to Build Adaptive Organizations in an Age of Uncertainty” program enhances participants’ strategic agility through a combination of active learning methodologies, including group discussions, case studies, practical exercises, team-based projects and peer coaching.

Who should attend

The “How to Build Adaptive Organizations in an Age of Uncertainty” program is aimed at business leaders who seek to bolster their organization’s long-term growth and innovation. Presidents, senior-level managers, general managers, division heads, business development managers and strategic planning directors will find the program particularly useful.

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Fred Krawchuk

Fred Krawchuk is a senior lecturer at IESE, an executive coach, writer, and CEO of the Pathfinder Consulting Group. He is an accomplished leader known for strategic planning and leading high-risk operations around the globe, to include peacekeeping in the Balkans, jungle operations in Latin Ameri...


Antonio Dávila

Areas of Interest Innovation management Product development Management control systems Growth of startup companies Sports management Antonio Dávila is Professor of Entrepreneurship and Accounting and Control, and holder of the Seat Chair of Innovation and the Alcatel-Lucent Chair of Managemen...


Mª Julia Prats

Mª Julia Prats is Professor and head of department of Entrepreneurship, and holder of the Bertrán Foundation Chair of Entrepreneurship at IESE. Prof. Prats''s primary area of interest is the entrepreneurial process, which includes the identification, evaluation and implementation of opportunit...


Miquel Lladó

Areas of Interest Strategy General Management Leadership and Executive Coaching Breaking paradigms Miquel Lladó is Lecturer in the Department of Strategic Management and Academic Director of Custom Programs at IESE. He holds a Degree in Economics and Business from the University of Barcelona.He...


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