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About the course

Lean Six Sigma + Radical Change + Project Management = Transformational Healthcare

Healthcare is a basic human need and some have argued that the system does not deliver equivalent value for the money, resulting in an industry that is under intense pressure to address these concerns.

Quality in healthcare is top of mind for many CEO’s and Hospital Administrators. You need only to read the newspaper to be reminded that performing the right procedure on the wrong part of the body is not only damaging to their reputation, but also leads to costly multi-million dollar lawsuits. The key players in the healthcare cycle and centric to the patient are physicians, payers, facilities and products. They all contribute to the constant pressure of a system that is not sustainable and needs to be fixed.

Bryant’s Healthcare Quality Certificate is designed to facilitate the transformation of healthcare by learning and applying tools and techniques to improve, measure and manage quality. It is intended to create positive improvement results designed to reduce medical errors and associated costs in order to facilitate change.

Bryant’s professional certificate directly supports Healthcare Transformation offering these three areas of focus to address the critical deficiencies within the current healthcare delivery system model.

  • The need for the timely identification and removal of medical errors and waste
  • End to end assessment and re-construction through radical change of key medical delivery processes
  • The need to understand and recognize the value of structured planning and execution of healthcare initiatives utilizing project management best practices including stakeholder and requirements analysis

This Certificate Program consists of three sections:

  • Quality in Healthcare: Continuous Improvement
  • Reengineering Healthcare: Radical Change of Key Clinical Delivery Processes
  • Project Management in Healthcare: Guiding Successful Transformations

Improving the Quality of Healthcare

Six Sigma and Lean Thinking

This section teaches the current best practices of Six Sigma and Lean Thinking to healthcare applications. Healthcare examples and case studies dominate all discussions and exercises.

Six Sigma tools and techniques focus on the reduction of errors while Lean Thinking focuses on increasing the speed of completion through the elimination of waste.

Quality as a management discipline centers around continuous improvement realized through incremental improvement initiatives (projects).

Reengineering Healthcare

Radical Change

Reengineering is a method of improvement that employs radical change versus incremental change. In this section we address the application of the original reengineering concepts to healthcare needs. Assessment techniques and rebuilding (end to end) is critical to a successful reengineering process. The course is centered on healthcare applications and case studies utilizing reengineering practices.

Successful Project Management in Healthcare

Guiding Successful Transformations

This section builds upon a basic overview of project management and progresses to the application of how to successfully manage projects using the key steps to scope, plan, manage and close out a healthcare initiative. Clinical and non-clinical projects are discussed and followed in the context of current Project Management best practices. Quality and reengineering projects are also considered project initiatives.

Earn and Learn Online

Earn your professional certificate. Learn online, anytime when the time is right for you and at your own pace. Your instructor as your virtual coach will guide you – creating an interactive and integrated collaborative learning environment.

Who should attend

A medical professional or providers of support to the medical profession as a Business or Practice Manager, Healthcare Consultant, Hospital Administrator, Healthcare Professional or a Healthcare Process Improvement Team member.

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