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Nov 6—7, 2019
2 days
Sydney, Australia
AUD 3575 ≈USD 2448
AUD 1787 per day
Jun 22—23, 2020
2 days
Sydney, Australia
AUD 3575 ≈USD 2448
AUD 1787 per day
Nov 23—24, 2020
2 days
Sydney, Australia
AUD 3575 ≈USD 2448
AUD 1787 per day


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About the course

Build an innovation toolkit to create sustainable competitive advantage.

Innovation boosts productivity, drives growth, helps solve a vast array of customer and organisational problems and is a key source of current and long-term competitive advantage.

From mature and regulated sectors to emerging industries, every company needs to engage in some form of innovation. The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) surveyed more than 1500 global senior executives, and 75% of them reported that innovation is among the top three priorities for their companies.

But how can managers and organisations encourage more people to innovate more of the time?

What you’ll learn

Led by experts on innovation, Design Thinking, strategy and business model reinvention you will:

  • gain an appreciation for the innovation imperative and how to ensure the customer is at the centre of your decision making
  • leave with a practical toolkit including Design Thinking, the Value Proposition Canvas, Customer journey mapping and more
  • deepen your understanding of the types of innovation strategies you can utilise to deal with disruption and reinvent your business model
  • discuss the impact emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have and are having on your business model and workforce
  • form a plan to foster an innovation culture within your team and organisation

How you’ll learn

Through a combination of the latest thinking on innovation, case studies, simulations and a hands-on Design Thinking immersive challenge you will build a toolkit to return to your workplace as an innovation leader.


The Desperate Need for Innovation

  • Powershifts from the organisation to the customer
  • The Impact of Technology on disruption
  • The impact of start-ups on disruption

Putting the Customer in the Centre

  • Strategy from the Inside-out vs Outside-In
  • The changing nature of the customer
  • Delighting the customer
  • Customer journey mapping

Tools for Customer Centricity and Enhancing the Customer Experience

  • The Value Proposition Canvas
  • Empathic Interviewing
  • Defining the “customer experience”
  • Introduction to Design Thinking

Business Model Innovation

  • Ten Types of Innovation
  • Innovative Business Models
  • Introduction to the Business Model Canvas
  • The Innovation Life Cycle
  • Innovation for Growth Simulation

Emerging Technology Trends

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Why Artificial Intelligence is a key driver of innovation
  • How Artificial Intelligence will change the way we work
  • How to harness AI in your roles

The Culture of Innovation

  • What are the key drivers of an innovative culture
  • What are the necessary conditions for building a culture of innovation
  • Quick wins for an innovative culture
  • Building a “yes and” organisation with a growth mindset

Trust the experts

Jeffrey Tobias

An accomplished strategist, with years of commercial and business experience, Jeffrey works with organisations to improve customer experience and increase revenue growth by transforming the way they do business. He is a thought leader on innovation and collaboration, and his work is being applie...


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