Sauder School of Business

Harnessing Creativity for Organizational Growth

Available dates

Feb 19—20, 2020
2 days
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
CAD 1995 ≈USD 1507
CAD 997 per day
Jun 17—18, 2020
2 days
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
CAD 1995 ≈USD 1507
CAD 997 per day


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About the course

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Organization to Drive Innovation

Explore creativity as a powerful organizational engine for solving complex challenges and driving innovation. Develop your personal creative leadership skills. Design a more supportive creative culture within your company—one that encourages people to take risks, and bring their full creative faculties to the fore. Gain hands-on practice using a diverse set of creative thinking techniques you can apply immediately back at work.

What you will learn

  • Investigate the nature of your own creativity and tap into the power of “whole-brain” thinking
  • Discover how great leaders develop innovative corporate cultures
  • Avoid unintentionally killing creativity in your culture, and unfetter organizational creativity by granting “permission to fail”
  • Promote a confident creative mindset in others
  • Think outside the box to design transformative solutions to business challenges
  • Harness creativity as a core foundation for disruptive thinking and innovation
  • Leverage the new “sharing economy” to channel creativity in your customer base

Program content

  • Transforming your organization’s under-utilized creativity into an essential tool for competitive advantage
  • Assessing your personal creativity: your natural strengths and areas for improvement, overcoming blocks, observation and empathy as starting points for the creative mind
  • Tools for building creative cognition: visualization, analogies and associations, play, the role of constraints
  • Exploring creative cultures (Apple, Google, 3M case studies)
  • Tools for organizational creativity: Six Hats technique to foster diverse creative thinking across your team, Scamper technique to look at existing assets in new ways, mind-mapping to consider all ideas and solutions at the front end of projects, disruption, design thinking, crowdsourcing
  • Leading a creative organization: promoting a creative mindset across your enterprise, incentives and rewards, training, selecting the right creative ideas to drive innovation through the business, fostering a culture that encourages people to take risks

Special features

In this highly interactive course, you will engage in lateral and divergent thinking, play, prototyping and experimentation exercises to help you unleash your creative powers.

Trust the experts

Jim Southcott

Jim has worked as a senior strategist for over 30 years, on both agency and client side. A partner at Southcott Strategy, Jim specializes in Creativity & Innovation Leadership, Brand Differentiation, Cultural Branding, Customer Experience Planning and Disruption. He is skilled at facilitating...


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Harnessing Creativity for Organizational Growth

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