Growth Through Innovation

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  • 4 days
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Vlerick Business School Executive Education


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Who should attend

  • CEOs and owner-managers of medium- to large-size companies.
  • Innovative organisations that disrupt industries and develop new markets.
  • Historically successful organisations who have transformation and responding to disruption high on their agenda.
  • Innovation, Business Unit and Business Development managers and directors, who have the mandate to shape the innovation process.

About the course

Disruption is becoming the new normal, and the pace of change increases every day. So how can you stay competitive? The answer is that companies have to create, innovate and roll out new business ideas at a rapid pace. But how do you manage this process to maintain and improve your current business performance over the long term?

This programme gives you the tools you need to design, change, manage, and implement effective innovation processes. Next to that, you will learn how to embed a culture of innovation within your organisation and how you find a common ground when collaborating across organisational areas and firms.

Why This Programme?

What is the added value of following the 'Growth through Innovation' programme?

  • Identify the dynamics that lead to transformation & disruption.
  • Determine how you can respond to the transformations within (& outside) your industry.
  • Formulate your own inspiring vision on Innovation − whether you are in a science-, technology-, or service-based industry.
  • Create your action plan for optimising and transforming your core business.
  • Develop intrapreneurial processes to capture disruptive ideas outside your core business.
  • Find the right balance between company-internal and external or open innovation.
  • Discover what it takes in terms of mind-set and capabilities to become an innovation leader.

Detailed Programme

'Growth Through Innovation' is comprised of 4 modules:

Module 1: Developing your vision on Innovation

  • Why do we innovate?
  • What is the impact of living in times of exponential change?
  • How can you make your company / product / service more relevant today?
  • Which dynamics lead to the disruptive innovations that shake up entire industries? How can you respond to the transformation of your industry? Different types of companies need different approaches.
  • Innovation strategy simulation: making tough product portfolio decisions and how to allocate your innovation budget?

Module 2: Organising your innovation process:

  • Managing the core business:
  • From innovation ambition to an implementable concept.
  • How can design-thinking help you optimise & transform your core business?
  • Understand the use and practice of hackathons, incubators & accelerators, innovation boot camps, and corporate venturing.
  • How do you manage the ‘fuzzy front-end’ and the ‘speedy back-end’ of your innovation process?
  • How to improve the success rate of new product development?
  • Business Model Innovation:
  • Which intrapreneurial processes can you set up to capture disruptive ideas outside your core business?
  • What can you learn from outside-in innovation?
  • How to lead and benefit from your innovation eco-system?
  • Company visit & workshop: Aerocircular

Module 3: The innovative leader: the profile

  • What does it take to become a values-based innovation leader?
  • Embedding a culture of innovation: how to instil the willingness and ability of your business to become an innovation leader in your field?
  • Which leadership approach does intrapreneurship require?
  • How to lead and inspire your innovation eco-system?
  • Balancing creativity and discipline.

Module 4: Implementing your industry-specific innovation concept

  • Different approaches according to your context: science/technology/service industry
  • Implementing an experience-based innovation concept: testimonial from The Coca-Cola Company


Walter Van Dyck

Walter studies idea emergence, showing how inventions come about and transform into innovative business models in life science- and technology-based ecosystems.Walter studies idea emergence or how inventions come about and transform into innovations. During the last five years he coached the emer...

Guy Wollaert

Currently advising on innovation strategy with large, established corporations, as well as giving back what I learned through mentoring and advising start-ups. Balancing returning, with continued learning. In mid-2015, I ended a 23 year career with the Coca-Cola Company as Senior Vice President ...

Peter Deckers

Peter is an entrepreneur and manager with a strong technical, economics and business (MBA) background. He is passionate about innovation and has extensive experience in bringing innovations from idea to market in different types of environments: as an entrepreneur in a start-up; as a project and ...

Koen Staut

Koen is CEO of Aerocircular, a company specialized in the sustainable dismantling of aircraft. They recycle more than 2000 components of an aircraft and bring them back into the economy. The circular philosophy is at the core of their business, which creates economic and ecological added value. K...

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Growth Through Innovation at Vlerick Business School Executive Education

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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