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About the course

Learn the strategies, skills and techniques to retain & grow your most important customers

Managing accounts is no longer enough. They need to be developed and grown. The question has evolved from ‘how are we managing accounts?’ to ‘how are we helping the customer to succeed?’

In a constantly changing marketplace, either customer account is moving forward or it is moving backwards. That is not just in revenues, but in terms of the depth and strength of the relationship. Unless you are continuously adding value, developing the relationship and innovating in terms of delivery, there is a chance that your client will be poached by competitors.

Managing and developing key accounts is strategic. That is just a fancy way of saying, it is important and cannot be left to chance, it also means that there are multiple actors and functions involved, with implications in terms of process, systems, and structures.

This three day programme will help you identify the performance and potential for Key Account Management and Key Account Development in your organisation, while learning how to become a strategic supplier and creating your roadmap to success.


  • Set goals for increasing profitability by up to 33% by growing and retaining your customer base
  • Benchmark your KAM against best practise and identify gaps
  • Analyse your portfolio of key accounts to decide where to focus based on reward and risk
  • Create a roadmap to becoming a preferred or strategic partner for selected key accounts
  • Learn how to apply a Key Account Plan to your top accounts

Programme Design:

Day 1 – Key Account Performance & Potential

  • Access the performance (and potential) of your organisation in retaining and growing its customers
  • Identify strengths as well as opportunities for improvement
  • Explore the difference between Key Account Management and Key Account Development

Day 2 – Becoming a Preferred Supplier

  • Create a key account portfolio Map your position within your key accounts
  • Profile your key accounts in terms of procurement best practice
  • Explore strategies to help your organisation become (and retain) the status of ‘preferred’ or ‘strategic’ supplier

Day 3 – Roadmap for Success

  • Develop a growth plan for one of your key accounts
  • A powerful key account planning template that will guide you through the following: Profile, Set Objectives, Set out key activities and milestones, Identify resources required

Who should attend

This programme is suitable for companies who are looking to either start a Key Account Management strategy or want to enhance their existing key account strategy.

  • Executives who want to grow their customers with the promise of a dramatic impact on their own successas well as success of their customers
  • Executives who are tasked with the job of customer service, customer satisfaction, customer experience or customer success

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