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Governance and Driving Performance Management

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About the course

Participants will learn to effectively develop, implement and use business plans, budgets and performance measures and reports. Through a mix of lectures and hands on discussions, the course will examine the context of recent developments to better understand the nature and purposes of planning, budgeting and reporting tools.

Topics Covered:

  • Approaches to management in governments- the context of reforms.
  • Responsibility and accountability systems.
  • Developing and using performance measures for learning and evaluation.
  • Linking performance measures and and public reporting.
  • Development and implementation of business planning, including links to budgeting and performance measurement.
  • Role of auditor general in performance reporting.

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David Cooper

My research is primarily in critical management studies, management accounting and control, and the regulation of accounting and accountants. My research is interdisciplinary, critically orientated, and problem centered, drawing on sociology, political science and social theory to understand regu...


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