Google Marketing Platform Boot Camp

American Management Association

How long?

  • 3 days
  • in person, online

American Management Association


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Who should attend

  • Marketing professional from entry-level to management
  • Online marketer seeking credibility, authority and advantage
  • Agency professional
  • Business owner (small, medium and large)
  • A traditional marketer looking to get up-to-speed on today's resources and tools

About the course

Whether you are a career marketer or small business owner, if you are interested in learning more about Google’s tools, this course will teach you all there is to know about Google’s marketing tools.

The Google Marketing Platform combines the DoubleClick Digital Marketing and the Google Analytics 360 Suite together for an all-inclusive platform that includes: Google Ads; Google Analytics; Data Studio; Google Optimize; Google Tag Manager; Surveys

Understanding the full suite of tools available will help you better understand your customers and help you collaborate and share insights. This course provides a very interactive experience. Attendees will get hands-on practice during class in order to learn all the tools. Real experience and practice is the main enabler to becoming proficient. Throughout the class, students have the opportunity to work in their own accounts or example accounts in order to get the experience and feedback needed to fully grasp these concepts and skills. Google Ads and Analytics certification information will be provided and discussed. You will be able to take and pass those certifications after taking this course.


There are no prerequisites for this training, but you should have some familiarity with basic online marketing concepts (PPC, SEO, email) so you can apply them to your real-world situation in class. Familiarity with how Google advertising works or even experience with Google Ads is a plus.

How you will benefit

  • Incorporate Google Analytics into your current marketing efforts
  • Set up an analytics account and profile
  • Measure conversions
  • Understand audience behavior
  • Calculate revenue and ROI
  • Understand data points and their impact on your business
  • Learn the value of testing variables
  • Interpret visitor behavior to your website
  • Identify various segments visiting your website
  • Analyze keyword data

What you will cover

  • Search Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager (GTM)
  • Data Studio
  • Google Optimize
  • Surveys


Google Ads Intro & Overview

  • Introduction to Paid Search
  • Foundation Elements/Understanding the structure
  • Features: reporting; auction insights; segmenting
  • Billing
  • Defining Business Goals

Search Campaigns

  • Campaign Structure: Campaign Settings; Best Practices for Setting Up a Campaign; Ad Groups; Keywords/Ads; Keyword Research; Creating Ads
  • Bid Adjustments: Mobile advertising; Geo Targeting; Time Based
  • Lab - Set up a Campaign
  • Other Campaign Types: Shopping Campaigns; Video Advertising; Display / Remarketing

Google Ads - Google Analytics Integration

  • Bing Integration
  • Certification Information

Google Analytics

  • Customization/Settings: Property/View Set up; Permissions
  • Features and Best Practices: Annotations; Saved Reports; Segmenting; Data Import
  • Reporting overview:
  • Audience
  • Acquisition: SEO On-Page and Off-Page; Search Console
  • Behavior: A/B Testing and Event Tracking
  • Conversion
  • Filters
  • Certification Information

Google Tag Manager (GTM)

  • Overview
  • Interface: Folders; Exporting/Importing Containers; User management; Mobile App tracking with GTM
  • Features: Preview, publish, and version management; Cross-domain Tracking
  • Lab - Create a Container
  • Implementing GTM
  • Introduction to tag and triggers
  • Introduction to Variables
  • Setup GTM for Google Analytics
  • Setup external tracking as events
  • Lab - Set up a tag/trigger for an event
  • Setup button click tracking
  • Tracking JavaScript errors
  • Understand and using Data Layer
  • Implementing various tags
  • Third-Party: Facebook Pixel Tracking
  • Google Related: Remarketing; Optimize
  • Other tracking methods: Measuring page scroll depth; Tracking if users look at particular elements (image, banner, etc.); Tracking engagement with (YouTube) videos embedded on pages; Time on page/bounce rate
  • Advanced Features

Data Studio

  • Overview of the Interface
  • Connecting to Data: Connecting to Google Analytics; Connecting to Google Sheets and other data sources
  • Lab - Set up a Container / Connect to a data source
  • Building Reports & Dashboards in Google Data Studio: Creating charts and tables
  • Using various chart types
  • Lab - Create your own Google Data Studio report using Google Analytics data
  • Sharing and Collaboration

​Google Optimize

  • Overview
  • Best Practices
  • Testing Strategy
  • Types of testing: A/B; Multi-Variant
  • Designing an Experiment: Hypothesis; Identifying Goals/KPIs
  • Lab - Identify and Set up a test
  • Success Metrics and Reporting


  • Overview / How it Works
  • Choosing Topics/Questions
  • Defining Audiences
  • Creating Forms
  • Targeting Options
  • Measuring Results

Google Marketing Platform Boot Camp at American Management Association

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

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