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About the course

Increase your understanding of best practices of global manufacturing processes and methods as you examine the Toyota Production System (TPS), known as lean manufacturing, as a philosophy and approach to achieving world-class production standards and manufacturing excellence. Plus, you will learn to identify and eliminate activities that do not add value in the process of design, production, supply chain management and customer relations.

  • Recount key people and events that influenced the development of lean manufacturing processes and methods.
  • Examine a philosophy and world-class production system, including key processes and best practices.
  • Identify ways to enhance manufacturing for quality excellence.
  • Explain a major dilemma between operations and marketing.
  • Examine the move from mass production to mass customization.
  • Explore examples of customization.
  • Create an action plan to enhance global manufacturing performance.

Who should attend

Foundation Courses are ideal for individuals looking for the latest global updates in a certain business focus, or just need a refresher course on a topic of interest to enhance professional development.

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