Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies

Global Health Diplomacy

Available dates

Jun 1—30, 2020
5 days
Geneva, Switzerland
CHF 2800 ≈USD 2830
CHF 560 per day


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About the course

Negotiating health in an interdependent world

As health moves beyond its purely technical realm to become an ever more critical element in foreign policy, security policy and trade agreements, new skills are needed to navigate the political landscape, to maintain relations with a wide range of diverse stakeholders, and to negotiate health concerns amidst different interests. This course focuses on health diplomacy as it relates to current health issues that transcend national boundaries and that must be addressed at different levels of governance.


  • Understand the key concepts in global health, global health diplomacy and governance for health within a changing political environment
  • Gain insights into current global health policy challenges at various levels
  • Analyse and reflect upon case studies and diplomatic processes in view to improve negotiations skills
  • Link and expand the own professional background with theoretical knowledge and the experiences of peers


The course explores a wide range of issues for global health diplomacy with a new thematic emphasis each year. It includes a high-level introduction to health and foreign policy and is followed by sessions on:

  • The actors, stakeholders and interest groups involved in global health governance and diplomacy
  • Key methods, processes, venues and governance mechanisms to address current global health challenges
  • The dynamics of global health negotiations
  • Cross-cutting issues and their interface with health
  • Coordination for global health at the national and regional levels and new approaches to policy coherence

Who should attend

  • Health and international relations professionals in departments of international health, ministries of health, foreign affairs, and development cooperation, including diplomats with a portfolio impacting on health
  • Representatives from international, regional and non-governmental organisations
  • Professionals in the private sector, philanthropic organisations, and academia

Trust the experts

Ilona Kickbusch

Professor Kickbusch key interests relate to the political determinants of health, health in all policies and global health. She established the Global Health Centre at the Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies in Geneva. In this context she advises countries on their global...


Michaela Told

Michaela Told is currently Executive Director of the Global Health Centre at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva. Prior to moving into academia, she has been working more than 10 years with the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement at local, regional and internat...


Haik Nikogosian

Haik Nikogosian MD, PhD, DSc, has long been involved in leading positions in public health, with significant roles played for health services and policies, counteracting major global health challenges and promoting cutting-edge developments and international cooperation in health. He is currentl...


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