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Rady School of Management

Global Finance for Managers: Navigating the Global Finance Environment

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To provide analysis and understanding of the global economic and financial environment in which multinational managers operate.


  • Foreign exchange market: how currencies are traded globally; exchange rates; recent developments
  • International Monetary Systems: different types of exchange rate arrangements and how currencies are managed by governments; fixed versus floating exchange rates and effects on firm planning and risk management
  • Global payments imbalances and political sensitivities: why some countries have surpluses and others deficits in trade balances and implications for policy
  • Interest rates and exchange rates: what affects returns on international investment
  • Prices and exchange rates: what determines global competitiveness in merchandise trade
  • Hedging foreign exchange risk: how firms manage their exposures to uncertain future exchange rates
  • Transfer pricing: how firms price goods and services traded between international subsidiaries
  • International portfolio investment: how is it different from purely domestic portfolios and what are the benefits and costs
  • Direct foreign investment: how firms decide whether to buy or build it themselves when establishing a subsidiary in a foreign country
  • International lending and borrowing: pricing international loans and country credit risk analysis

Who should attend

Ideal participants would be those employed by firms with international operations, customers, or suppliers. Participants will benefit from a deeper understanding of international finance and how it affects their firm.


Research Areas International Finance Market Microstructure Michael Melvin’s research in investments and international finance focuses on real issues facing global investors. He has published research in topics including exchange rates, currency investing, and international equity markets....

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