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Sotheby's Institute of Art

Global art Markets, Collecting and Connoisseurship

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Sotheby’s Institute of Art offers a multi-city bilingual executive education curriculum for private collectors and art professionals who wish to strengthen their knowledge of art, collecting strategies and arts management. Each module of the Global Art Markets, Collecting and Connoisseurship program consists of intensive week-long residencies in major art centres around the world. The program highlights key aspects of the art market and provides participants with invaluable insight, understanding of artistic and market trends, and legal frameworks within the context of each global marketplace. Lectures and guided visits are led by leading faculty and experts in the field, and each module provides a hands-on experience and an exposure to the inner-workings of the market as well as knowledge of art, and professional networks. In addition, the Executive Program offers privileged access to some of the world’s finest collections and works of art, private visits to studios, galleries and other institutions that define much of the art scene today. Alongside top practitioners in the field, participants can gain a deep understanding of the art world in each city visited.

Course Content

  • Thematic lectures
  • Guided visits
  • Special invitations and access
  • Welcome dinner, networking lunches and receptions
Sotheby's Institute of Art

Navigating Today’s art World: From Studios to art Fairs

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Oct 30—Dec 10, 2019
USD 1485


From record-setting auctions to celebrity artists, to the increasing presence of art fairs and galleries in major cities—today's fast-paced art world can be a challenge. Navigating Today’s Art World: From Studio to Art Fairs defines the different institutions in both the commercial and nonprofit sectors of the global art infrastructure, and offers a deeper understanding of the methods and motivations that drive the business and viewership of art. This comprehensive review puts you on the right track to operate with increased expertise within the art world.

Ideal for those new to the business of art, or looking to make a career change, this 6-week course acts as a foundational business course, and we recommend starting here before moving on to our more specialized courses.

What you will learn:

  • A comprehensive and current overview of the art and its markets.
  • A front-line perspective on the different players in the art world and their role and function within it.
  • An appreciation of how the non-profit and commercial art worlds are linked and dependent on each other.
  • The analytical skills to compare the advantages and disadvantages of different art world models and networks.

Sample Topics

Week 1: The Contemporary Art World – An Introduction

  • Course Introduction
  • Definitions of the Art World
  • Where We Are Today

Week 2: The Art World Ecology

  • Art World Models – A Critical Evaluation
  • Networks and Relationships
  • Global Platforms: Art Fairs and Biennials

Week 3: Museums, Curators and Critics (The Not-for-Profit Arena)

  • The Role of Institutions Today
  • Exhibitions and Curators
  • The Critics

Week 4: Galleries and Auction Houses (An Introduction to the For-Profit Arena)

  • Galleries - Their Function and Role
  • The Primary Market
  • Auction Houses and the Secondary Market

Week 5: Collectors and Collections (Private, Corporate and Intuitions)

  • Collecting Motivations
  • Collection Types

Week 6: The Artist (The Elephant in the Room)

  • The Role of Artists
  • Career Trajectory and Value Generation of an Artist
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