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About the course

How do you promote and sell your fashion collection into major retail stores as well as independent boutiques and websites worldwide? Led by an industry expert, this course will untangle the many routes you can take in order to deliver your clothing line to your customers, increase your sales and develop your brand.

You will learn how to approach and sell into the key retail stores that suit your brand profile and price points, such as Selfridges, Liberty, Topshop, Asos, Revolve or Dover St Market. How do you get to these key buyers? When you get there, how should you present your collection and what are the communication tools that you would need to support your collection at retail?

During the past 15 years the way makers reach their consumers has changed radically and vice versa. Core elements such as making a product and selling it remain constant. However, the traditional selling models of wholesale/retail and suppliers reaching customers via retail specialists (online or in stores) have become more blurred.

If you dream of having a successful fashion business one day, come along and get some useful and practical tips from someone who has done it!

Topics covered

  • Your manufacturing base, suppliers, timelines and deliveries.
  • Approaching buyers, agents and distributors: pros and cons, and how much they take from your margin.
  • Multichannel retailing: making it work for your brand and sales.
  • Selling directly on marketplaces: advantages and disadvantages.
  • Financial tools: having cash flow plans in place to deal successfully with larger buyers.
  • The legal stuff: trademarks, terms and conditions of business.
  • Cutting through the fluff: managing social media, press and PR to your advantage.
  • Key terminology that any designer/brand owner should be aware of.
  • Concessions: large stores often offer concessions rather than buying in the brand. We look at how this works.
  • Non-seasonal cycles and working outside the traditional buying seasons to meet consumer demand.
  • How to reach the 'not so obvious' buyers
  • How to respond to ‘unknown’ buyers who contact you directly.


  • By the end of this course you should have a good understanding of how to take your niche product to market and reach enough customers to sustain your business.
  • You should get a better understanding of issues around costs and how to manage budgets

Who should attend

  • Fashion designers new to the market who have an existing collection or product that they wish to wholesale into various retail outlets (online and in-store) and expand their overall customer base.
  • It is suitable for those keen to explore the advantages of direct sales online via their own website or if they are considering setting up their own store.
  • Those with some previous business experience elsewhere wishing to move into the fashion market.

Level: This is not a course for beginners. Your product is the epicentre of your business so in order to benefit from this course you should already have a product/collection to sell and some ideas on how to sell them.

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