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Generating Creative Ideas to Design Effective Graphics

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About the course

This course is designed to promote creative thinking in solving 2D design graphic problems. Participants will be introduced to different ways of thinking creatively to unlock their visual imagination. They will be presented with numerous graphic design problems which require them to solve through visual expression. There will also be numerous opportunities for participants to evaluate effective graphics such as in poster, invitation, flyer, brochure, and signage etc that communicate with impact.


  • To promote creativity in solving 2D graphic design problems
  • To nurture originality through ideas creation and visual expression
  • Apply and evaluate creative ideas for effective graphic designs that communicate


  • Participants learn the various ways to think creatively, for example, how Divergent Thinking, Associative Thinking, Analogical Thinking, Lateral Thinking, Free Association with Words, images, sound, touch and motion and Cliché with a Twist can be used to unlock visual imagination.
  • Participants form groups to solve design problems given to them using the creative thinking techniques learned.
  • Each group presents the design solution in class which is followed by a critique.
  • Participants also learn the promotional objective, the message for the target audience and the spirit of the promotional effort.
  • They learn to perceive and analyse graphics such as poster, invitation, flyer, brochure, signage etc to understand what make effective and memorable visual images that have impact.

Who should attend

Those who have just embarked on their careers or have a few years of experience in graphic design, media and advertising and anyone whose duty requires him/her to evaluate the effectiveness of graphics and create attention grabbing poster, invitation, flyer, brochure, and signage etc that can communicate with impact.

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