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International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans

Funding, Investment, Finance — Advanced Trust Management Standards (ATMS™) — Session B

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Jul 26—27
2 days
Halifax, NS, Canada
CAD 2305 ≈USD 1722
CAD 1152 per day
Sep 14—15
2 days
Whistler, BC, Canada
CAD 2305 ≈USD 1722
CAD 1152 per day
Nov 23—24
2 days
San Francisco, CA, USA
CAD 2305 ≈USD 1722
CAD 1152 per day



Funding / Investment / Finance

  • Explain the significance of the interrelationships among benefit design, funding and investment policy decision making on effective management of all types of trusts/plans.
  • Define risks for plans and members in funding and investing policy development.
  • Describe the significance of governance to trustee decision making related to trust/plan funding, investment and finance.
  • Identify key sources of financial information that support decision making.
  • Apply relevant legislative requirements, modern governance and best practices to identify funding and investment issues and propose actions to address.


Governance is a key knowledge area for effective management of trusts. While a separate session is not devoted to the topic, governance considerations will be discussed throughout the ATMS curriculum.

Course Description

ATMS is an assessment-based program that expands upon the four key knowledge areas (Legal, Administration, Governance, and Funding/Investment/Finance) covered in the Foundations of Trust Management Standards (FTMS) program. ATMS will add breadth and depth across all four key knowledge areas, deepen the pension and health and welfare application, as well as develop related skills.

Benefits of Attending

Trustees play an important role in addressing the health and retirement needs of plan members and need to be confident and competent in that role. ATMS helps trustees build upon their past education and practical experience by focusing on applying the knowledge gained to future decisions through engaging instruction and interactive case studies.

Who should attend

ATMS is the next step for those who have earned an FTMS Certificate of Achievement. It is also recommended for advanced-level appointed and elected multi-employer, public sector and corporate plan trustees of any trust type as well as benefit office staff. ATMS is applicable for trustees of both pension and health and welfare trust funds.

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